Simpang Lima in Banda Aceh
Simpang Lima in Banda Aceh

General Information

Below listed some general information about Aceh Tourism that useful for you that want visit this area.

  • Province Name: Aceh
  • Capital City: Banda Aceh
  • Island: Sumatra
  • Population: ± 5,096,248
  • Religion: Islam
  • Language: Indonesian, Acehnese

Most Popular Attractions

Below listed some popular tourist attractions in Aceh that useful for you that want to visit this place.

  1. Baiturrahman Great Mosque.
  2. Tsunami Museum.
  3. Lampuuk Beach.
  4. Pulau Weh.
  5. Banyak Islands.

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  1. Aceh on Wikipedia.
  2. Aceh on Wikitravel.

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Aceh Province Logo

Aceh Province Logo

Aceh Tourism – Aceh discovered in the Northwest of Sumatra Island with the area of around 57,365.57 km square or 12.26 % of a size of Sumatra Island. It consists of 119 islands, 73 significant rivers, and two lakes. Aceh is enclosed by Malacca Strait in the north, North Sumatra Province in the east, the Indian Ocean in the west and the south. The capital of Aceh is Banda Aceh. Aceh was long recognized for the desire for political independence from Indonesia.

When 26 December 2004 Tsunami hit the shoreline of Aceh, the Acehnese welcomed and accepted the help offered by outside donors and communities in the restoration and rehab of the province. The significant death also affected the thinking of political figures of the province, and the Aceh Government ended up being more open up to peace talks. The 29 year long battle for appropriate control (autonomy or self-reliance) consequently ended with the Helsinki Peace Agreement, which was confirmed on 15 August 2005, and the decision to remain a province of Indonesia.

Given that then, the peace process has been rather smooth, without significant occurrences. The “AAM” (Aceh Monitoring Mission) funded by the EU oversaw the process. There are a variety of major towns, among them: Banda Aceh (capital), Lhokseumawe, Meulaboh, Sigli, and Langsa. Also, the island of Sabang (an hour ferryboat trip from Banda Aceh), thought about a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise, belongs to the province.

Aceh is abundant of events, destination and unique cultures that will captivate anybody. Aceh is also rich in natural appeal, waves and sea garden which appropriates for diving. A few of the most beautiful Aceh tourism and archaeological sites and beaches have been harmed by the enormous earthquake and Dec ’04 Tsunami.

Accommodation in Aceh

Aceh accommodation – There are so many accommodations in Aceh and suitable to live in if you are visiting this area. But I will summarize the 10 of the best hotels and resorts in Aceh, the following list of the best accommodation in Aceh.

  1. Freddies Santai Sumurtiga.
  2. Casa Nemo Beach Resort and SPA.
  3. The Pade Hotel.
  4. Mahi Mahi Surf Resort.
  5. Hermes Palace Hotel.
  6. Oasis Atjeh Hotel.
  7. Hip Hop Hotel.
  8. Grand Nanggroe Hotel.
  9. Hotel Grand Permata Hati.
  10. Mars Hotel Banda Aceh.

And many more best accommodations in Aceh and you can use hotel search box on the right or below to find the best hotel for you in here.

Best Things to Do in Aceh

Aceh best things to do – There are so many things to do that you can do if you visiting Aceh. But, we will tell you some popular things to do in Aceh as listed below.

  1. Visiting and take a picture in Baiturrahman Mosque.
  2. Surfing in Simeulue and Lampuuk Beach.
  3. Diving and Snorkeling in Pulau Weh.
  4. Visit a beautiful Tsunami Museum to remember Tsunami in 2004.
  5. You can enjoy many beatiful beaches in all Aceh area.
  6. Visit Banyak Islands, a beautiful island that consist more than 90 small islands.
  7. Aceh is a coffee paradise, enjoy a perfect coffee in Aceh.

And many more things to do in Aceh.