Best Bali Honeymoon Destinations – Bali is renowned around the world as a honeymoon paradise, and for a good reason. Images of the island’s pristine beaches, volcanic mountains, rich green forests and glamorous, close hotels fill travelers the world over with a wanderlust that’s difficult to shake.

With many romantic resorts and fascinating natural beauty at every turn, it is not surprising that this magical Indonesian island has a continuous draw for newly-weds seeking to develop memories to treasure for a lifetime and surely, Bali is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. As written by, Bali has many beautiful places for honeymoon. If you want to read more, just visit their page that talks about Honeymoon Bali.

However as it is such a population location, and with numerous resorts and hotels to pick from now, preparing your Bali honeymoon can prove overwhelming. On a big island, it is challenging to know which area and hotel are best for you both. To provide some inspiration, here are our leading the best choices for an incredible travel experience for you and your partner on ‘the Island of the Gods’ for a honeymoon in Bali.

To ensure you reconcile your visit, think about the following the best honeymoon places in Bali. You are assured your honeymoon will produce enduring memories and set you on a course to a wonderful marital relationship. These locations help you relax and bond after the ambitious marital relationship plans.

From the towns and ancient temples scattered throughout the island to the emerald-green rice fields and thickly-forested mountains of Ubud, and the different noises of gamelan music to the intoxicating fragrance of seasonings and flowers, Bali will engage each and every one of your senses and then entirely seduce you!

The variety and caliber of accommodation in Bali are shocking. That all makes Bali as one of your honeymoon destinations.

Best Bali Honeymoon Destinations

Best Bali Honeymoon Destinations – Specifically when you think about the entire island is just about 150 kilometers large! From jungle-luxe freedoms and eco-chic romantic getaways to beachside Bali bliss, this beautiful haven is house to a few of the most extraordinary hotels and resorts on the planet.

There is no doubt Bali is a honeymoon paradise and offers a range of stunning beaches, some of the black volcanic sand, others with stretches of pristine white.

However, the reality is, Bali is a lot more than only a tropical holiday location, it is an all-in-one destination that offers an experience, area, and holiday design for everyone. Below Capture Indonesia listed some of the best  Bali honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

1. Uluwatu

Uluwatu Honeymoon -

Uluwatu Honeymoon

Top on our list of locations to check out in Bali is Uluwatu, the peninsular spot for weddings; it has a laid back romantic atmosphere. Stir up your enthusiasm on the secluded beaches of Balangan and Suluban, ranked to be the most lovely ones in Bali.

Spend some precious minutes at the Hotel Alila, relaxing out in the infinity swimming pool ignoring the ocean. Capture the uncommon Kecak fire dance for some sizzle. Uluwatu is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Bali.


2. Mount Batur

Mount Batur Honeymoon -

Mount Batur Honeymoon

Experience nature’s romantic drama on your Dawn is walking to the active volcano, Mount Batur at 1700 m above water level. Unique and fascinating, this adventure will take your breath away with its beautiful crater lake, warm springs and great panoramic views from its peak.

Check out the precariously hinged Besakih temple and end your romantic sojourn with a meal in the hidden Gunung Batukuru dining establishment. So, visit Mount Batur when Honeymoon to Bali.


3. Ubud

Ubud Honeymoon -

Ubud Honeymoon

Number seven on our list of locations to check out in Bali for your honeymoon is the incredibly unique Ubud. An unusual twosome experience awaits you and your soulmate here with its cooking classes, village trips, precious jewelry making workshops, art markets, river rafting and bamboo crafting classes.

The Chocolate trips at Big Tree Farm will certainly send you on a passionate high. Ubud is one of the best Bali honeymoon destinations and read more about exploring Ubud Bali and Ubud Monkey Forest.


4. Canggu

Canggu Honeymoon -

Canggu Honeymoon

A romantic trip into the sundown is not only meant for the movies, in reality, but this is also one of the best things to do in Bali for honeymooners! Trip down the beach with your concubine, crossing river creeks, ambling through relaxing towns and rice paddy fields, with a stop or more at temples and caverns.

Canggu is among the best locations to check out in Bali for a honeymoon. You might even go vintage and take a horse drawn bending ride.

Offer your honeymoon a classic touch with a horse trip down to Canggu through the rice fields, river creeks, and peaceful villages. You will have an opportunity to capture views of incredible sights including caves and stunning temples.

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5. Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay Honeymoon -

Crystal Bay Honeymoon

Crystal Bay is among the most romantic places to check out in Bali for a honeymoon. Newlyweds have a lot of time and space to snuggle up as they travel on a 64-foot high-end catamaran to the secluded Crystal Bay.

Enliven your love expedition with a delicious barbecue and get your adventure on with a snorkeling activity to explore its spectacular coral reef.

If you desire to enliven your stay, a visit to Crystal Bay on the remote island is a must. The sail on blue waters sets the state of mind, and you will have all the time to yourselves as you appreciate in the surrounding. Once3 at Crystal Bay there are different fun activities including snorkeling and BBQs.


6. Kuta

Kuta Honeymoon -

Kuta Honeymoon

Your and your unique someone will be on the move in busy Kuta with its neighborhood markets and pulsating nightlife. Develop unforgettable memories by visiting the Tanah Lot temple set down on a rock surrounded by the sea on your honeymoon in Bali.

Share an engaging experience with your sweetheart by launching infant turtles into the ocean between May and September. Surely, Kuta will be one of the most distinctive places to check out in Bali for a honeymoon. And Kuta Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia.


7. Lovina

Lovina Honeymoon -

Lovina Honeymoon

If you and your valuable half are planning to leave the crowds and get a glimpse into ordinary Balinese life, stop by at the quiet colonial town of Lovina. Revitalize yourselves at the Banjar warm springs nearby and dive deep into the rainforest to discover the captivating Git waterfalls.

See weavers working their magic and producing lovely Ikat and Silk pieces. Lovina has included as the best Bali honeymoon destinations. Lovina Beach is also included as one of the best hidden beaches in Bali.


8. Menjangan

Menjangan Honeymoon -

Menjangan Honeymoon

If you are a water loving couple, Menjangan needs to be on the list of places to check out in Bali for your honeymoon. The mild seas surrounding Menjangan in West Bali are a scuba divers’ paradise loaded with crystal waters, multi-colored coral reefs and an abundant, varied marine life.

Couples can kick up their chemistry and enjoy the personal privacy and charm of this place as it is pleasantly uninhabited.


9. Pasir Putih Beach

Pasir Putih Honeymoon -

Pasir Putih Honeymoon

Among Bali’s last little tricks, Pasir Putih beach will offer you and your partner some much-needed reprieve with its traveler free, beautiful white beaches.

Go rustic and rent a fishing boat from Candidasa to reach this crescent shaped paradise and take pleasure in natural flavors of the regional food. Pasir Putih Beach is one of the best Bali honeymoon destinations for your experience with your love.

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10. Sanur

Sanur Honeymoon -

Sanur Honeymoon

Although it is often eclipsed by the glamor of Seminyak or the religiosity of Ubud, this under-the-radar status is perhaps Sanur’s trump card. Claiming a lovely beachside promenade, and a beach with brilliant white sand and clear waters, Sanur is where you will witness among the most stunning sun rises in Bali.

There are a couple of high-end hotels here, some restaurants and cafes in the principal street, and shop stalls both there and at the beach. We can ranked Sanur as one of the best Bali honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

For a less chaotic pace on your Bali vacation or honeymoon, Sanur might be the best location. Plus you can enjoy an outing to the nearby black-sand beaches and approximately Candi Dasa.


Bali Honeymoon