Best Raja Ampat Honeymoon Destinations – Raja Ampat or known as the Four Kings is an archipelago consisting of over 1500 little islands, cays, and shoals in the northwest pointer of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the Isle of New Guinea, off the north-eastern coast of Indonesia’s West Papua province and become one of the popular and the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

The archipelago’s four main islands are Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo, and the smaller sized island of Kofiau. Inning accordance with Conservation International, the Raja Ampat location consists of the highest tape-recorded variety of marine life in the world.

Variety is substantially greater than any other site sampled in the Coral Triangle formed of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Timor Timor.

Found at the heart of the world’s reef biodiversity, Raja Ampat has the richest reef communities worldwide and suitable for one of the honeymoon destinations in Indonesia. Read the best places to visit in Bali for Honeymoon.


6 of the Best Raja Ampat Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon in Raja Ampat – Raja Ampat has many beautiful destinations for your honeymoon. Below listed some of the best Raja Ampat honeymoon destinations in Indonesia that must you consider as your next honeymoon destinations with your partner to make some memorable honeymoon moments. Here we go on Capture Indonesia:


1. Wayag Islands

Wayag Islands Honeymoon

Wayag Islands Honeymoon

Wayag Islands is located in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. To get to this amazing place, you can access it from Sorong to Wayag Islands which takes about 6 hours drive. Raja Ampat tour fee for chartering this ship is set at IDR 6,000,000.

However, the money you spend will never regret because once you arrive at Wayag Island, you will see the charm of Raja Ampat’s beauty. There will be a cluster of small islands suitable for honeymoon activities, where the small islands are coral islands overgrown with trees.

When you come here and take a walk by boat, bluish sea water with a blend of green from the small islands will make you not bored enjoying your beautiful honeymoon with the beloved partner.

Uniquely, crystal clear water allows you to see clearly live fish that swim in the water and coral reefs that thrive. The natural conditions of the Wayag islands are still gorgeous, and the beauty and cleanliness are well preserved. The natural beauty of Wayag Islands makes this area become one of the destinations of the honeymoon that belong to the best Raja Ampat honeymoon destinations.


2. Coral Island

Coral Reef at Coral Island

Coral Reef at Coral Island

The other best tourist attraction in Raja Ampat and consider as one of the Best Raja Ampat Honeymoon Destinations that must be visited in West Papua region is the Coral Island.

Here you are invited not to see the underwater scenery, but for you are challenged to climb the top of a unique island that has a 90-degree inclination and will take about 30 minutes to reach its peak. Surely it will drain your physical and stamina.

From the peak of a view of Raja Ampat can sedate you to always look at the beauty that so far you may only see from television or magazine only. Wayag islands are one of the most famous tourist attractions and interest by the tourists. The island is perfect for spending your honeymoon time with your partner in Raja Ampat.

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3. Misool Island

Misool Island Honeymoon

Misool Island Honeymoon

Misool Island is one of the four greatest islands in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. Misool Island is bordered by the Seram Sea and the loose waters that become a major cross-path of large animals such as whales. You can experience the beauty of Misool Island without having to share with many people because this place is uninhabited.

The beauty of the island of Misool is stunning for a honeymoon destination in Raja Ampat. In the west and east lies a row of rock islands. The beauty of underwater scenery on Misool Island is felt even though you have not yet plunged into the water though.

The water here is very clear and colored turquoise is fascinating. The island is barely touched humans are spread along the white sand beaches surrounded by tropical forest trees and mangrove green.

Uniquely, the waters of the tourist attractions in Raja Ampat Misool Island, the water shows the color of blue water Mangrove in which live various types of fish. The occurrence of blue water Mangrove because the roots of mangrove trees meet with the starting point of coral reefs.

Even some mangrove trees have coral reefs. Apparently, Misool Island became famous when a journalist immortalizes his photo by showing the beauty of the underwater. So, no doubt that Misool Island is one of the best Raja Ampat honeymoon destinations.


4. Manta Ray Cleaning Station

Manta Ray at Manta Ray Cleaning Station Raja Ampat

Manta Ray at Manta Ray Cleaning Station Raja Ampat

One of the tourist attractions in Raja Ampat that is suitable for this honeymoon activity has a unique name. You might even be curious! This is just a term of activity dandy Manta Ray. Do you know why called dandy? This is because the fish can spend time for hours just to clean themselves.

Not only human beings who apparently could spend a long time to preen. Uniquely, the self-cleaning is not a Manta Ray itself, but there are officers in the form of small fish, like a car wash team. So one manta ray is finished cleaning, this horde of small fish will move where to clean the other manta rays with patience waiting for the queue.

Try to imagine how unique this rare scenery. As you watch the Manta Rays, the 5-meter wide Manta Rays hover over your head to wait for the queue to be cleaned by small fish like angelfish troops who are relentless and selfless and perform their duties.

This preening activity has tremendous benefits, namely removing parasites that grow in the body and clean the wounds so as not to become infected. Activities like this are a rare sight for you to meet. In Waigeo there are two beauty salons Manta Rays.

However, remember, you have to borrow a linked rope to connect your body to this tool to keep you safe and secure while watching this rare scene. This is because in this waters have a relatively heavy flow. You will also need a guide to drive to this salon because if you do not know how to conquer the fish, they will run away. Also you can diving in Raja Ampat here.

So what are you waiting for, one of the best Raja Ampat honeymoon destinations you should visit with your spouse during your honeymoon in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.


5. Salawati Island

Salawati Island Honeymoon

Salawati Island Honeymoon

Waters around the island of Salawati witnessed the enormity of the second world war. In the Raja Ampat region, precisely the waters of Salawati, many ships and aircraft sinking in the waters, such as Shinwa Maru, P40 aircraft, machine victims of World War II, and much more that now continue to land on the seabed.

The wreckage of these objects has now become a tourist spot that provides beautiful new scenery. This is because the wreck and the plane are actually a place to live fish with various types. Coupled with the atmosphere of clear waters and the beauty of the environment is still gorgeous which is the primary attraction on the island of Salawati.

The existence of this wreck that then makes the island of Salawati become one of the best Raja Ampat honeymoon destinations.

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6. Waitanta

Waitanta Honeymoon

Waitanta Honeymoon

Waitanta is the next place you should visit when you have a honeymoon in Raja Ampat. Why? Because Waitanta is the home of the Bruijn Brush-Turkeys are very rare. In March of 1999, a major study was done to rediscover the Bruijn Brush-Turkeys. They needed almost two years to find the bones of turkeys that live in these bushes.

Upon further investigation, it transpired that in fact Bruijn Brush-Turkeys by local names Mangkwap was still there and are still intact though the amount is tiny. Bruijn Brush-Turkeys can be found in Waigeo and Batanta which are shortened to Waitanta. So take benefits to this fact and make your memorable honeymoon in Waitanta as one of the best Raja Ampat honeymoon destinations.

Now, the dream of most poultry experts is to look directly at this red head turkey. Photo own shots of Mangkwap is a treasure that is highly valued, and the search for it is an adventure that requires special skills. If you also want to get into a list of the few people in this world who have ever seen Aepypodius Bruijn or Bruijn Brush-Turkey and attempt yourself.


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