Gili Island Honeymoon Guide – Imagine your image ideal romantic trip. Did you consider about a tropical beach on an island with gorgeous white sand and crystal clear blue-green blue water?

If you are trying to find a tropical romantic trip on an island, you have honestly most likely never heard of; then you have to begin preparing your Honeymoon in Gili Islands.

The Gili Islands are an archipelago of 3 beautiful small islands simply off the East coast of Bali, Indonesia. Quickly, the Gili Islands each offer a different ambiance and experience which indicates that this location works for almost any couple out there. We have a lot of Honeymoon Articles in Indonesia Honeymoon section.

Explore Gili Islands Honeymoon

Explore Gili Islands Honeymoon


Gili Island Honeymoon

Gili Island Honeymoon – Lodging varies from the budget to the luxurious, mostly personal cottages and rental properties, but there are also a fair few high-end hotels and medspas for Gili Islands Honeymoon.

The three islands each use their little piece of paradise, but Gili Trawangan is absolutely the busiest of these three, so if you are searching for privacy, visit the smaller island of Gili Meno or Air!

Boats in between islands are offered though, so if you alter your mind, the other islands are just a short boat trip away. If you are party lovers, there are plenty of bars and lots of excellent restaurants packed to the rafters on Gili Trawangan, but if you prefer a little more intimacy, then there are several secluded and quiet spots to take pleasure in an excellent meal in each other’s business.

During on Gili Trawangan, many couples taking pleasure in a private meal (honeymoon in Gili Islands) on the beach at sunset, in a rose-strewn bower neglecting the sea; we cannot consider a more best setting! Gili Islands is one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia.

For the daring honeymooners, the Gili Islands are incredible scuba diving and snorkeling locations and that activities are suite for your honeymoon. There are plenty of dive schools if you would like to find out, and there are few better locations to do so, as it has some of the most exciting underwater scenes, with extraordinary water clearness and diverse marine life.

Turtles are regular residents, and there is absolutely nothing rather like seeing these exotic animals up close! You can also browse or take a walk/cycle around the island as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

Gili Trawangan Beach – Gili Island Honeymoon

The islands are just a few kilometers throughout, so they can quickly be carried out in a few hours if the sensation takes you. Bring a picnic, and get your time enjoying the surroundings! The beaches are too charming not to spend time on, and the water is so ideal you might look at it all day.

I would suggest the ginger ice cream, offered from much of the suppliers which line the streets. The Gili islands are beautiful, and we can ensure that whichever island you wind up on, you will discover it hard to tear yourself away, a long lasting honeymoon in the Gili Islands?


How to Get to Gili Islands for Honeymoon

There are many ways to get to Gili Islands. Moreover, you are already in Indonesia, many ways to get to Gili Islands. Capture Indonesia will provide some ways to get to Gili Island for your honeymoon.

Here are some ways to get to Gili Islands or you can read in our old article explaining all about Explore Gili Islands in Lombok (available some information to enjoy holidays in Gili Islands), read the information below:

How to get to Gili Islands from Bali.

  1. Via Padang Bai to Gili Islands. A handful of fast boat operators departs from Padang Bai to the Gili islands in the early mornings in between 9 AM, and 9.30 AM. The majority of people invest the night in Kuta and take the shuttle to Padang Bai in the early morning. A much better method to do it is to spend the night in Padang Bai instead and bypass the insanity and sleaze of Kuta.
  2. Via Amed to Gili Islands. Crossing the Lombok Straight from Amed takes just 45-minutes, instead of 1.5 hours from Padang Bai and expenses IDR 250,000 each method. Not many visitors learn about Amed since travel representatives in Kuta do not actively promote this hauntingly gorgeous port.
  3. Via Private Sailing Charter to Gili Islands. Not the most useful method to get to the Gilis, however certainly a popular method to travel the high seas, and find 23 more Gilis when you charter an excursion on a fantastic sailing boat. Bali Yacht Services has a significant fleet, with some boats to select from.
  4. Via Public Ferry to Gili Islands. The general public ferry from Padang Bai to Lombok leaves every hour on the hour, but it is painfully slow. The upside of the 5-hour crossing: it just costs a little IDR 40,000 per person. Perfect for the traveler who has more time than money. Then it is another sluggish public ferry boat from Lombok to the Gilis and waiting between, so the total journey will take control of 8 hours. If it is worth the hassle to you, then go all out.
  5. Via Air to Gili Islands. Going to the Gili islands in a private helicopter charter is not really simply a way to show up in design, it also provides you a chance to see Bali and the Gilis from above and snap a couple of awards winning aerial pictures of the islands. Air Bali runs private helicopter charters in between Bali and Gili Trawangan, which they have appropriately called the Gilicopter, which flies on Fridays and Sundays just. The 45-minute flight uses up to 5 people depending upon weight.

Gili Meno from Sky – Gili Island Honeymoon

How to Get from Lombok to Gili Trawangan – Indonesia

  1. Via Shuttle Boat from Bangsal to Gili Islands. Shuttle bus boats from Bangsal operate two times a day, at 8.15 AM and 4.30 AM. A ticket to the islands should take less than IDR 25,000 (depending upon which island you are hopping off at). Moreover, you can also charter a boat for a group of 10, one way or return. Rates begin from IDR 135,000 for a one-way charter and intensify after dark.
  2. Via Fast Boat from Teluk Nara and Teluk Kodek to Gili Islands. Found on the west coast of Lombok, about 25 minutes down from Senggigi are two quick ship terminals. Many travelers are leaving from Teluk Nara. Scallywags to move visitors from Lombok to Gili Trawangan by private speedboat. So, you can access with this way to celebrate your Gili Islands Honeymoon.
  3. Via Fast Boat from Lombok to Gili Islands. Getting to Gili Meno from Lombok is challenging considering that the fast boats from Lombok do not seem to stop there. Also, you can make a request with the fast boat drivers, but they may just accept make a drop in Gili Meno if the crowds necessitate the stop. If you are traveling in a group of five, then chartering a private speedboat through the Lombok Network may be an excellent method to go. Especially if, your flight lands at an uncomfortable time and you desire to get to the Gilis pronto.
  4. Via Public Ferry from Bangsal Harbour to Gili Islands. Lombok’s public boats to the Gili Islands are not the most convenient method to travel. The ships are waiting to fill up, and if you are late, there may not be a seat left for you. However, if you have a hunger for experience and assure that you will not get distressed if it does not workout, then you are in for a real deal. Tickets cost directly IDR 8,000 (Gili Air), IDR 9,000 (Gili Meno) and IDR 10,000 (Gili Trawangan). The journey takes about 2 hours.

If you have not been in Indonesia, then I assume that you already know how to go to Indonesia from your home country. Well, will we explain a little if you come from outside Indonesia, how to reach Gili Islands from abroad?

Only buy a flight ticket to Bali then you can take advantage of the above article, how to arrive at the Gili Islands from Bali. However, if we compared to Bali, to reach Gili Islands is very easy if you are already in Lombok because Gili Islands are in the area of Lombok and very close to the distance of Lombok with Gili Islands.


The Best Hotels in Gili Island

Accommodations in Gili Islands – There are many elegant and luxirious accommodations for your Gili Islands Honeymoon. But, Capture Indonesia will provides some of the best and recommended accommodations (hotels, resorts, villa, and their friends) in 3 of Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, Gili Meno). Check our informations below accommodations for Gili Islands Honeymoon:

Best Hotels on Gili Trawangan for Honeymoon

  1. Ko-Ko-Mo Gili Trawangan
  2. Wilson’s Retreat
  3. Scallywags Resort Gili Trawangan
  4. Desa Dunia Beda
  5. Aston Sunset Beach Resort
  6. Gili T Resort
  7. Grasia Villa Resort & Spa
  8. La Cocoteraie Ecolodge
  9. Luce d’Alma Resort & Spa
  10. Sunset Palm Resort

Best Hotels on Gili Air for Honeymoon

  1. Gili Air Hotel
  2. Omah Gili Hotel
  3. The Waterfront Resort & Restaurant
  4. Villa Karang Hotel & Restaurant
  5. The Beach Club Gili Air
  6. Bel Air Resort
  7. Sunrise Resort
  8. Satu Tiga Cottages
  9. Scallywags Mango Retreat
  10. Scallywags Smugglers Resort

Best Hotels on Gili Meno for Honeymoon

  1. Mahamaya Resort Gili Meno
  2. Meno Dream Resort
  3. Tropical Hideaways Resort
  4. Kebun Kupu Kupu Eco Resort
  5. Birumeno Beach Bungalows
  6. Bluecoral Bungalows
  7. Jepun Bungalows
  8. Seri Resort Gili Meno
  9. Les Villas Ottalia Gili Meno
  10. Lumbung Garden Gili Meno

So, choose yourself what the accommodations that suite for you and stable to celebrate your Gili Islands Honeymoon that included as one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.


Gili Islands Honeymoon