Moyo Island Honeymoon – Moyo Island integrates the appeal of the beach, sea, and nature which still extremely natural. It is surrounded by reefs are still intact with the fish you might rarely experience in other ocean.

You can take pleasure in the enjoyable of snorkeling, diving, or just unwind on the white sandy shore. Moyo Island in Sumbawa has been an incredibly unique high-end honeymoon location and getaway.

However, not everyone can pay for to stay at the only resort on the island. Nevertheless, Moyo’s next-door neighbor Sumbawa Island uses high-end cottages ignoring the beautiful sea and Moyo Island just merely minutes boat journey to reach the isle.

Measuring with 350 km2, the island has a view of the beach and the fascinating natural, so it is ideal for your honeymoon with your partner in Moyo Island.

The island is likewise used as a Marine Nature Park and Hunting Park makes the sites most gone to by travelers and foreign tourists, is appropriate for honeymoon activities. Also, Moyo Island is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.


Enjoy a Romantic Moyo Island Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Moyo Island – Moyo Island offers you and your partner some locations honeymoon with an incredibly peaceful environment and the breathtaking natural scenery and pristine.

Tourist facilities on the island are also very complete. You and your partner can take pleasure in the beauty of the Tourism Beaches, Nature or enjoy the underwater scenery Moyo Island, a paradise for a honeymoon in Indonesia.


The Best Time to visit Moyo Island for a Honeymoon

Moyo Island Transportation - Moyo Island Honeymoon

Moyo Island Transportation

Honeymoon Destinations – For you those want to celebrate honeymoon to Moyo Island, we will recommend the perfect time to visit this island with your partner. The very best time to visit the island of Moyo is between July-August because you will meet with a real situation and in a good weather.

Avoid the time between the months of December to April because the sea waves big enough, so you cannot enjoy the best time of your honeymoon in the sea or Moyo Island water sport.


Recommended Honeymoon Hotels in Moyo Island

This island is likewise ideal used as a honeymoon. Moyo Island has Amanwana Resort the only resort in Moyo Island, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara presents a many romance. Amanwana on a secluded beach cove neglecting the Flores Sea.

There are no hotel rooms or structures, only camping tents in the middle of beautiful forests. Relax, this camping tent is like a tent camp in basic. Amanwana currently handling a tent interior and exterior is very slick. Travelers will not even believe; she was in the woods.

The resort supplies two kinds of locations with two different premises. If you are sea lovers, you can stay at the Ocean tent or desire to feel the chill of the night in the woods can pick Jungle camping tent.

One of the tourist attractions for travelers to visit this area is a natural beauty undersea. Various kinds of the reef and various decorative fish that you can take pleasure in snorkeling or diving with.

Practically the entire island is surrounded by reefs still in excellent condition and not harmed. You can likewise see a shark with a length of around 2 meters, polyps, pelagic, eels, groupers as well as mantas, all there is. Enjoy your time in one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.


Best Places to Visit during Honeymoon in Moyo Island

There are some best places to visit during your honeymoon in Moyo Island and enjoy the natural beauty of this island in some places that listed below.

  • Tanjung Pasir Beach.
  • Ai Manis Beach.
  • Poto Jarum Beach.
  • Brang Sedo Beach.
  • Takat Beach.
  • Rajasua.
  • Mata Jitu Waterfall.
  • Waterfall Diwu Mba’i.
  • Tanjung Pasir Diving Site (Table Coral).
  • Ai Manis Diving Site (Table Coral and Rock).
  • Labuan Aji (Table Coral).


Best Things to Do in Moyo Island

Indonesia Honeymoon – To go to Mata Jitu Waterfall is extremely suggested because, without it, you will not have the full Amanwana experience, something must see to complete your adventure. Bright, blue and beautiful underwater sea, for diving enthusiast and snorkeling fan.

Those surroundings make you will not to miss out onto try scuba diving and snorkeling there, do not fret the trainer is very excellent and patient to teach and assist you.

Below listed some best things to do while honeymoon in Moyo Island:

  • Visit Tanjung Pasir Beach.
  • Also visit another best beach, Air Manis Beach.
  • There is also a famous beach in Moyo Island that wait for your visit, Poto Jarum Beach.
  • Enjoy the fantastic sunset in Takat Beach.
  • Visit Rajasua diving spot.
  • Pay a visit to Mata Jitu Waterfall that has seven pools.
  • Enjoy a fresh water on Diwu Mba’i Waterfall.
  • Take your time to diving and snorkeling in Moyo Island (one of the best diving places in Indonesia).

Many things you can do in Moyo Island Honeymoon.

 Moyo Island Honeymoon