Most Popular Spicy Foods in Indonesia

Spicy Indonesian FoodsIndonesian food is very synonymous with two criteria, delicious and spicy. Sometimes these two principles are inseparable. Want a real food? The food must be spicy as the Indonesian peoples say.

No wonder if the majority of Indonesia’s population, including you who are reading this article, is a seasoned culinary lover. In every corner of the stall to a five-star restaurant, plenty of food can be judged from the level of spiciness.

Here are some spicy Indonesian foods that you should taste when visiting Indonesia because this country is one of the world’s culinary paradise country. Here is a list of typical spicy foods of Indonesia and included as part of Indonesia Tourism project.


1. Rendang


Rendang – Source:

Who does not know the typical Indonesian food that you can find easily in Indonesian restaurants in general? Even the survey a few years ago have made this West Sumatra particular food as the most delicious food in the world!

It seems no exaggeration to mention rendang as the most delicious food on the planet. The delicious flavors of various seasonings cooked in a long time to make a unique smell that Indonesia seeps in every piece of meat.

Especially if this culinary eaten with hot rice, soup, and various typical dishes of Padang.


2. Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet – Source:

Ayam Penyet is a typical Indonesian food derived from East Java. Called ‘penyet’ because this fried chicken was crushed to separate along with a very spicy sauce.

Because of this delicious culinary, you can find it not only in Indonesia but also in some neighboring countries, like Malaysia and Singapore. Even a CNN reporter once called Ayam Penyet as one of “40 Singapore foods we can not live without”.


3. Oseng-oseng Mercon

Oseng-oseng Mercon

Oseng-oseng Mercon – Source:

Spicy culinary lovers in Indonesia would have been no stranger to “Oseng-oseng Mercon.” The word itself is in Javanese means firecracker, and this term is considered to describe how the spicy flavor bursts in the mouth when this food was eaten.

Because for a portion of 500 grams of beef, the chili used reaches 250 grams! In addition to much of cayenne pepper, other spices such as onion and garlic improve the joy of this Indonesian food. So you who just visited Indonesia, do not forget to try this spicy food.

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4. Bubur Pedas

Bubur Pedas

Bubur Pedas – Source:

Every entering Ramadan, there is one typical culinary that always enliven the streets in the city of Medan. The food is Bubur Pedas. About the taste, you can guess it directly from his name. Spicy!

This porridge is cooked with various herbs and spices are only made or sold during Ramadan as part of the tradition. Usually, this porridge is eaten with a side dish called “anyang” made using various types of spices.

To maintain the distinctive taste and smell of the food, the cooking process still uses a wood-burning stove and is cooked for three to four hours. You can find this culinary around the site of the Medan Grand Mosque and Maimoon Palace during Ramadan in Medan.


5. Seblak Bandung

Seblak Bandung

Seblak Bandung – Source:

If you are Indonesian people especially in Bandung area, would not have been surprised by this snack. But if you are from outside Indonesia, we are sure you have never heard of this food. Seblak Bandung has a savory taste and spicy.

Seblak is a food made from wet crackers cooked with vegetables and eggs. Sometimes it is also combined with chicken or processed beef such as meatballs and sausages.

Spicy taste and chewy texture of this street snack are guaranteed to make you addicted. Especially if you are spicy culinary lovers, then this spicy Indonesian food is mandatory you try.


6. Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu – Source:

This time we turn to the Island of the Gods. In addition to its famous beach and natural beauty, Bali is also famous for its culinary spicy flavor. One of them is Betutu. Betutu culinary used chicken or duck as the main raw material.

In the past, the process of cooking from betutu chicken is quite troublesome. Chicken or duck that has filled the herb wrapped in banana leaf and covered again with a banana stem. This betutu is then planted in a pit of soil and covered with embers until cooked. But now the cooking process has been more modern and simple.

Even so, it tastes delicious! One of the most famous areas to have the best betutu chicken in Bali is Gilimanuk. So, do not forget to eat this food when you come to Bali.


7. Balado


Balado – Source:

Balado is a typical Indonesian cooking technique derived from Minangkabau. This technique is a technique of sliced red pepper with various spices such as onion, garlic, and lime.

This Balado cooking method can be created with different raw materials. Starting from Beef Jerky Balado, Shrimp Balado, until the Fish Balado. The taste is already a guarantee that food cooked with Balado techniques will be delicious.

Because of its popularity, even many snacks such as chips using Balado flavor as one of the variants taste.

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8. Mie Aceh

Mie Aceh

Mie Aceh – Source:

This time we will discuss Mie Aceh. With the characteristic form of rather thick noodles, this culinary can be served with gravy, can also dry. However, regardless of the sauce or dried, this food must have a spicy taste.

Usually, Mie Aceh mixed with beef or goat. But, not a few who use shrimp, squid, until the crab to complement the spices and curries are spicy savory typical of Aceh.


9. Pempek Palembang

Pempek Palembang

Pempek Palembang – Source:

This typical food from Palembang is made from fish as the primary material; it is not spicy. However, the cuko sauce used to eat pempek has a distinctive spicy flavor.

Cooked with brown sugar, cayenne pepper, and lime juice; this “cuko” sauce does not just give a spicy taste, but also a freshness to this great meal. However, for you who are not strong spicy flavor, pempek also delicious eaten without “cuko” sauce.


10. Ayam Taliwang

Ayam Taliwang

Ayam Taliwang – Source:

This traditional food comes from Lombok. In ancient times, this food is a high food. But now can be found anywhere in the area of Lombok.

Taliwang chicken material is a chicken that is cooked with firewood to produce good aroma and taste. The main character is the super spicy marinade.

So this is the latest spicy Indonesian food in the list of ‘Spicy Indonesian Foods’ and many more spicy foods in Indonesia that you should eat. (Capture Indonesia)