Culture Festivals in Indonesia – You must know that Indonesia is rich with many tribes, languages, culture, natural beauty, and food? And there are many beautiful tourist attractions and best honeymoon destinations. Need information about the culture that is often used as a ceremony and festival in Indonesia. Well, we will discuss the famous cultural festivals in Indonesia.

Indonesia has many international cultural festivals, and even foreign tourists and world-renowned photographers are willing to come all the way to Indonesia to watch and see the beauty and fame of cultural festivals in Indonesia. Find out what the best festivals in Indonesia that you must attend when you are visiting Indonesia.


Famous Indonesia Cultural Festivals

Indonesia Festival – This annual festival is one of the traditions that closely related to the local wisdom of each region. Also, now also this yearly festival became one of the magnets that attract domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Here are more reviews about the annual festival you can enjoy in various regions in Indonesia.


1. Baliem Valley Festival, Papua

Baliem Valley Festival - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Baliem Valley Festival – Credit:

This is a traditional festival of war and inter-ethnic culture involving three tribes in Papua: Dani, Lani, and Yani. Although called a celebration but it includes a real weapon, and there are also war scenarios such as tribal abduction and retaliation. Here you can see directly and meet directly with the tribe of the interior of Papua complete with the typical clothing of the tribe.

If you claim to be a real traveler, at least you must see one of these festivals. And the original will not be a loss to be part of the best cultural celebration in Indonesia. Well, that’s an example of exciting festivals in Indonesia that you do not miss. Find out more about this Indonesia Valley on Baliem Valley and Guide for Baliem Valley.


2. Karapan Sapi Festival, Madura

Karapan Sapi Festival - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Karapan Sapi Festival – Credit:

This festival is one of the hallmarks and typical of Madura. For the Madurese themselves, it is a prestigious event to showcase the strength of their cows. Winner of this Karapan will get a prize of money with the value up to hundreds of millions of rupiah, so the people of Madura also will not miss being part of this festival.

The Karapan Sapi which is a cattle race originating from Madura located in East Java, for most Madurese, Karapan Sapi is not just a folk party or event held annually inherited from generation to generation.

But Karapan Sapi for the people of Madura is a form of prestige symbol that can raise the dignity of Madurese society because the cows used for the match are cows of the excellent quality of course with a special treatment as well.


3. Dieng Culture Festival, Dieng

Dieng Culture Festival - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Dieng Culture Festival – Credit:

Dieng, an area that earned the nickname ‘Negeri diatas awan’ has a cultural festival that annually is always full of domestic and foreign tourists.

The main attraction is the cutting of dreadlocks of children who supposedly are believed to be descendants of the gods and should not be carelessly cut. Besides jazz on clouds and lantern flights make this Dieng culture festival romantic.


4. Rambu Solo Festival, Tana Toraja

Rambu Solo Festival - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Rambu Solo Festival – Credit:

This is a Toraja’s farewell ceremonial and community tradition and became one of the most expensive ceremonies in the world. It is said that the most expensive because to perform this ceremony can cost hundreds of millions to billions of dollars due to sacrifices that must be done from the family left behind.

Hundreds of buffalo will be chopped down during this ceremony, and the corpse will be taken to the top of the cliff to be buried. This festival is one of the famous tradition and culture of Indonesia. Find out more about Tana Toraja on Torajaland in Indonesia.


5. Erau Festival, Kutai Kertanegara

Erau Kertanegara Festival - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Erau Kertanegara Festival – Credit:

The long history of bringing Kutai Kartanegara Borneo into the oldest Hindu kingdom in the archipelago, Kutai Kartanegara save a remarkable culture. Cultural wealth is summarized in the Festival Erau Kertanegara.

Kutai Kartanegara is the wealthiest district in Indonesia. There is abundant natural wealth with a thick culture. The natural landscape of the tropical rainforest is cleaved by the Mahakam river, the unique life of Kutai and Dayak people, and a very ancient culture is here. The Kutai Kertanegara Kingdom is the oldest kingdom in Indonesia, and not many people know this fact.


6. Nias Ya’ahowu Cultural Festival, Nias

Nias Cultural Festival - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Nias Cultural Festival – Credit:

Nias is known as a destination that has many megalithic sites, in addition to Nias is known for its waves to surf. The people of Nias still hold firm to their culture. One of their fondness is to hold the Nias Cultural Festival which is usually held in August in Bawomataluo Village.

This village has been registered to World Heritage in Unesco since 2009 as a cultural heritage of Indonesia. This town is a traditional village and well known cultural village in South Nias. To reach this town, it takes a 3-hour overland journey from Gunung Sitoli to the south coast of Nias.

In Nias, Bawomataluo means the sun hill. So named because this village is located at an altitude of 400 meters above the mountain. In this peaceful village, we can see many traditional houses of South Nias that are still awake. Nias Cultural Festival is held in this village as well as we can see the famous stone jump.


7. Cap Go Meh Festival, Singkawang

Cap Go Meh Festival - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Cap Go Meh Festival – Credit:

The celebration of Capgomeh which is the closing of Chinese New Year is a very festive holiday, the Singkawang city of Kalimantan is the center of the Colossal Capgomeh Celebration. This event is very famous both domestically and abroad.

Why? because in this festival there are attractions Tatung, Tatung cast is in a state of trance or unconscious. And the celebration at Capgomeh Singkawang was attended by more than 700 Tatung coming from all corners of the archipelago.

Because Tatung is a fusion of Chinese culture with Indigenous Culture, so the Tatung of the Dayak tribe also participated in the celebration of Capgomeh Singkawang.


8. Jailolo Bay Festival, Maluku

Jailolo Bay Festival - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Jailolo Bay Festival – Credit:

The festival is held to revive the glory of Halmahera as the origin of the world to recognize spices and recognize the abundant natural and cultural riches on the island, from year to year the Jailolo Bay Festival gives the cultural attractions of Halmahera and Maluku.

Organized by the West Halmahera Tourism Office, the event aims to introduce and promote the natural splendor, cultural attractions, and other potential attractions of the district.

During the celebration, the community will be presented with a variety of unique programs such as Spice Parade, Spice Expo, Spice Trip, Fishing Competition, Swimming Competition, Rowing Competition, Fun Diving, Ngolo Sigofi, and Fiesta Culinary.


9. Raja Ampat Maritime Festival, Papua

Raja Ampat Marine Festival - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Raja Ampat Marine Festival – Credit:

Raja Ampat Marine Festival is held in the Capital District of Raja Ampat, Waisai located on Waigeo Island. The first performance of the maritime festival is focused on marine tourism. One of them is the dive in the Diving location that entered in the top 10 of the most beautiful dive sites in the world.

Raja Ampat Regency in West Papua Province wants to maintain its popularity as the best maritime area in Indonesia by conducting naval festival on a regular basis. And showcase the richness of nature, art, and culture.

The Maritime Festival is held at Waisai Capital Center, which is located 3 hours speedboat ride from the Sorong City of Papua. What is interesting about this Festival is that they invite art and culture from other districts in Papua.

Also, Wakatobi District also included in this Marine Festival. Some details of the festival are Underwater Photo Competition, Rowing Boat Competition, underwater orientation, beach sports like volleyball, etc., and local cultural attractions. Local cultural attractions will be featured by the Raja Ampat community and participants from other districts. Find out more about this area for their tourism at Raja Ampat Diving and Raja Ampat Honeymoon.


10. Yadnya Kasada Ceremony, Mount Bromo

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony - Top 10 Best and Famous Cultural Festivals in Indonesia

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony – Credit:

Yadnya Kasada or Kesodo is one of the most extensive annual rituals of the original Tengger tribe in Bromo. Every year, on the 14th day of Kasada month, Tengger Hindus will throw offerings to the crater of Mount Bromo.

Starting from vegetables, fruits, livestock, to money made offerings to Sang Hyang Widhi. All of that is a form of gratitude and thanks for the welfare that is considered has been given Mount Bromo throughout the year to the surrounding community.

Yadnya Kasada’s ritual is open to the public and is usually done after sunrise. Previously, the people of Tengger will pray first at Pura Luhur Poten located at the foot of Mount Bromo. The ceremony took place in the early hours of the morning. After that, then people climb Mount Bromo to throw their offerings. Find out more about this beautiful volcano in Indonesia for Mount Bromo Facts. (Capture Indonesia)