Interesting Facts about Mount Bromo – Mount Bromo is part and situated in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Famous for its sand and sea of the caldera or crater that is very exotic, as well as views of the sunrise (Bromo Sunrise Tour) famously beautiful.

Bromo tourism area lies at an altitude of 2392 meters above sea level and surrounded by four districts part of the provincial government of East Java: Malang, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, and Lumajang. In this article, Capture Indonesia will discuss some of the unique and exciting facts about Mount Bromo which may not have been you know.

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Mount Bromo Timelapse Wallpaper - Interesting Mount Bromo Facts

Mount Bromo Time-lapse Wallpaper


Some Interesting Facts About Mount Bromo

Below listed some unique and interesting Mount Bromo facts that may you don’t know. Here 6 Facts about Mount Bromo that may be interesting.

1. The history of the formation of Mount Bromo

According to history, the creation of Mount Bromo and sea of sand originated from the two mountains that coincide with one another. Tengger mountain (4,000 m above sea level) which is the largest and highest mountain at that time. Then there was a small eruption, volcanic material thrown to the southeast to form vast and deep valleys.

Then there was a massive eruption that created the caldera with a diameter of more than 8 km. Because inside this caldera, the volcanic eruption of volcanic material accumulated in and is now a sea of sand and guessed long ago been filled with water.

Continued activity of the volcano eruption amid caldera magma led to the hallway, so it appears the mountain – the new mountain includes Sea of sand, Mount Widodaren, Mount watangan, Mount Chair, Mount Batok and Mount Bromo.

2. Being in the Tengger Mountains Complex

Mount Bromo is one of the mountains located in the Tengger Mountains Complex. On the sand which is very spacious (Sea of Sand) with the mountains in the center are Mount Bromo (2,392 meters above sea level), Mount Batok (2,440 meters above sea level), Mount Widodaren (2,614 meters above sea level), Mount Watangan (2,601 meters above sea level) and Mount Kursi (2,581 meters above sea level).

Caldera walls that surround the sea sand are very steep with a slope of 60-80 degrees and high ± ranging between 200-600 meters. Some mountains situated on Tengger Mountains Complex as listed below:

  1. Mount Penanjakan.
  2. Mount Cemorolawang.
  3. Mount Lingker.
  4. Mount Pundak Lembu.
  5. Mount Jantur.
  6. Mount Ider-ider.
  7. Mount Mungal.

3. Enjoy sunrise in Mount Bromo Peak

One of the beauties of the most interesting and at the reception on Mount Bromo is Sunrise. Clouds that cover the sky is slowly penetrating the yellowish-white ball. The rosy glow on the eastern horizon slowly Gabby arises that the growing up in a burning semi-circle sun.

Slowly the color changed to golden. Fresh ambient air initially started brightly and started a new day and life. Everything reminds us of the greatness of God Almighty. Except at the peak of Bromo, the beauty of the sunrise can be viewed highlight Pananjakan.

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4. Kasada Ceremony around Mount Bromo

On 14-15 in the 12th month (in Java) or in December / January, often held Kasada ceremony. In this tradition sacrificed partly the result fields, fields and livestock surrounding communities tossed into the crater of Mount Bromo as a sign of gratitude to God Almighty. Also Kasodo, the ceremony is also known as Karo tradition and Ayak-Ayak.

Mount Bromo Eruption - Interesting Facts about Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Eruption

5. Journey to Mount Bromo

When the direction of Probolinggo, we took a bus to Sukapura, then we continue to Ngadisari. From Ngadisari ride horses or walk toward Cemoro Lawang ± 3 km. In Cemoro Lawang we can spend the night in a hotel or inn. Tomorrow morning we can continue the journey to the crater of Mount Bromo, which can be reached by walking or riding a horse leased by the local community.

6. History of the eruption of Mount Bromo

During the 20th century the famous mountain as interesting places that erupted three times, at regular intervals, i.e., 30 years. The biggest eruption of Mount Bromo in Indonesia occurred in 1974, while the last eruption took place in 2004. The history of Mount Bromo eruption is one of the best and interesting facts about this beautiful mount, I think.

Mount Bromo is a gift of God revealed in Indonesian, really should be grateful for its natural beauty in this Bromo. Hopefully this article useful and insights you all. If you want to know about Mount Bromo you can open this article that discusses Mount Bromo. Share?


Mount Bromo Facts


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