Where is Jakarta?

Where is Jakarta? and What Country is Jakarta in? You might ask. Whether you just saw a news about this city on Television or you want to meet someone you know that live in this city, Jakarta is indeed a strange name that you rarely heard and absolutely you will ask ‘Where is Jakarta‘ on the people around. How about Bali? Did you often hear this place mentioned by people around you? I bet you did. In fact, Bali is a small island in Indonesia, yet there are some people who thought that Bali is a country. That’s totally wrong.

In fact, Bali is a province in Indonesia and Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. You who ever visited Bali and didn’t know about this must be shocked! Well, it’s really okay, and you’re not alone. There are a lot of people who were shocked like you. Okay, that’s a short class about Bali and Indonesia. Let’s move back to our main topic, Jakarta and Where is Jakarta, but before you read about Jakarta, first you need to read our previous article that tells about Where is Indonesia?


Where is Jakarta Located?

As what we’ve talked above, Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. And the Jakarta location is on the Java Island in Indonesia. Jakarta is located on the northwest coast of Java Island. It was once known by some names including Sunda Kelapa, Jayakarta, and Batavia.

If we moved back to 1900’s, Jakarta is called Batavia by the VOC. For those who didn’t know, Indonesia once called Dutch East Indies. Indonesia was led under Dutch colony for more than 300 years, and Jakarta was the capital city of Dutch East Indies for a very long time.

Jakarta Map

Below we provide where is Jakarta on the map.


Jakarta is Capital of Indonesia

What is Jakarta? Jakarta is a capital city of Indonesia, and this area knows as DKI Jakarta state. It’s an old capital city with a lot of history. And if you want to learn about the Dutch Colony era and the glory of VOC, you can learn a lot of things in Jakarta. Although you’ll get far better information here than what you can learn in Netherland.

Where is Jakarta

Where is Jakarta

The total area of Jakarta is about 661.52 km², with a population of 10,187,595 (2011). The metropolitan area of Jakarta (Jabodetabek) with a population of about 28 million people, is the largest metropolitan area in Southeast Asia and second in the world.


How to Get to Jakarta

It’s so easy to visit Jakarta. You just need to book a flight to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Indonesia from your country. It’s the International Airport which is located near the central of Jakarta. Once you landed in this Airport, you can find many buses that will take you to the center of Jakarta for less than $5.

You can also download an app named GoJek App to go to Jakarta with ojek. FYI, ojek is like a taxi and with this service, you can go around and explore Jakarta. But instead of using a car, it’s using a motorcycle. And it cost cheaper than a taxi, yet it’s the fastest transportation to go to Jakarta.

Find Cheap Flights to Jakarta


Where to Stay in Jakarta?

Best Hotels in Jakarta – If you ask where to stay if you are in Jakarta, then we will recommend some of the best hotels in Jakarta and suitable for your stay during your holiday in Jakarta.

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Cool Things to do in Jakarta

Like we discussed above, Where is Jakarta? and what must I do in Jakarta? In Jakarta, you can visit the historic old city which is known as Old Batavia. This place is located in the south of Jakarta Bay. You can also visit Monas, the icon of this capital city. Monas is located in the central of Jakarta. While visiting monas, you can also visit The National History Museum as well. You’ll learn a lot about the history of Indonesia, in case you’re interested to learn about it.

Jakarta is called the city that never sleeps because you can enjoy the unforgettable nightlife in this city. The city looks so beautiful with its million light at night. You’ll get an unforgettable moment in Jakarta. Below we provide some of the best things to do in Jakarta or you can read about our previous article that discusses Best Attractions in Jakarta and Best Family Tourist Attractions in Jakarta.

Visit Monas (National Monument)

Monas in Jakarta - Where is Jakarta

Monas in Jakarta

As an icon within the city plus a symbol within the struggle of Indonesia, Monas could be an area nicely worth going to. In addition to the monument, it is feasible to also discover The National History Museum within the region about Monas. In this museum, you will find numerous dioramas depicting the history of Indonesia. Additionally, to study the history of Indonesia, it’s fairly fascinating to take pictures with Monas as being a background. Be inventive and make your own distinctive picture!

Thousand Island

You don’t need to go all the way to Bali to have a beautiful island getaway. Just a number of hours boat trip from mainland Jakarta you’ll find the Thousand Islands. These tropical islands offer the perfect weekend escape from Jakarta. You can go diving, admittedly it is not that wonderful, get pleasure from the beautiful beaches and loosen up inside the sunshine away from the everyday pollution. There’s a terrific deal of good areas to check out, verify out in case you get the possibility.

Old Town


Old Town or Old Batavia has a fairly sturdy historical value, nonetheless, it is unfortunate that most of the buildings whilst inside the Old Town usually are not nicely preserved. Across the Old Town, you will discover several fascinating museums to visit.

Get pleasure from Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta Nightlife - Where is Jakarta

Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta is normally named the city that never sleeps. Jakarta involves a charm of its quite personal inside the evening. The cities skyline with quite a few lights appears to become beautiful and also the nightclubs and bars are continuously occupied.

Do the Car Free Day

If you are in Jakarta on Sunday, then I advise you try just a little of physical workout or it may be just a stroll on Car Free Day (CFD) in Sudirman-Thamrin street. It commences at 6 am and lasts till 12 am. It feels so exceptional to knowledge and sees the essential street (Sudirman and Thamrin) with out any cars. A lot of communities also gather there and also you also possess the likelihood to find out virtually all the communities in Jakarta on a single morning.

Shopping in Menteng

A single of the key pastimes in Jakarta is shopping, and if you’d like to take advantage of this totally then head towards the district of Menteng that is popular for its flea market. Right here you are going to find out an enormous collection of things for example arts and crafts, miles of textiles, at the same time as meals objects.

The principal market is named Jalan Surabaya Flea Market which 1st began operating even though in the 1970s and it truly is also identified for its antiques. Several of the signature things which you just will uncover properly right here consist of ornate wood carvings and vinyl information, in addition to the market is in excess of half a kilometer extended which suggests which you will likely be spoilt for choice whatever your budget.

Enjoy a Music Festival

Djakarta Warehouse Project - Where is Jakarta

Djakarta Warehouse Project

Indonesia is not very well known abroad for its music which is a real shame as there is an extremely talented music scene here. This is reflected in the array of music events held right here like concerts and festivals and a lot of guests discover that they are the highlight of a trip to Jakarta. Many of the most popular musical events held inside the city consist of Hammersonic that’s a metal music concert that demands location annually in April together with the yearly Jakarta International Jazz Festival in March. And now you can see the performance of international musician on Jakarta in December every year, Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP).

Go to Museum Wayang

Wayang will probably be the Indonesian title for traditional puppets and is definitely one of most valued cultural traditions in Indonesia. To uncover far more concerning the history and cultural importance of wayang, head to the puppet museum which will take you on a journey by way of time and explain how these incredible objects are made. Located in the old town component of Jakarta, this is a quirky museum that’s not to be left off the itinerary and collections incorporate fearsome masks, wooden puppets, and a demonstration that is held every single Sunday at 10 am while inside the morning.

So, we hope with the Where is Jakarta article, you may know some new information about Indonesia and about Jakarta, especially about Where is Jakarta Located and you must visit this city once in your life. (Capture Indonesia)