Most Interesting Places in Bandung – Bandung is a modern city in West Java and Indonesia and well-known for tourists to visit Java specifically. There are numerous things to do and best tourist attractions in Bandung, and it is not short of attractions to see. Many peoples will advise going there for shopping, culinary, and refreshing respite. It is a popular weekend destination for those who desire to escape the stress of Jakarta. Lots of tourists would say they have their best Indonesian experience here.

In this city the food is cheap and tasty, the important things are low-cost and in a big range, and essential Indonesian destinations are nearby. For that reason, it is not a surprise that the entire place evolved around tourist industry so come here and have fun. Any plan to go to Bandung? This city which was called as Flower City or Kota Bunga is no doubt has lots of interesting places to entertain its visitors.

A few of the reasons many individuals come to Bandung are because of its intense temperature level, great deals of traveler attraction, and it is culinary. There are many best tourist attractions in Bandung, and Capture Indonesia provides some of the most interesting places in Bandung to visit on your holiday.


Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Bandung Interesting Places – If you never concern Bandung before, you need to gather some details about things to do and the need to check out locations in Bandung so that your holiday will be better and fun. These are some best interesting places in Bandung and some places that you can see throughout your vacation in Bandung, such as:

1. Kawah Putih or Bandung White Crater

White Crater Bandung - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

White Crater Bandung

Absolutely in the top of the list of Bandung interesting places for its stunningly lovely lake as if set out of a movie. It is 2 hours far from Bandung city center and in the Highland, but it deserves to do. The place is cooling, however, beware of sunburn as it is still actually bright here without feeling it. This is a sulphuric lake as it originates from a volcano. The entire location can be explored in 30 minutes.

Many peoples come here either by car hire or through a Kawah Putih to complete their Bandung Tour. A crater lake was flaunting its charm both to local or foreign visitors and the majority of absolutely a remarkable area for photography, from the blue-green lake approximately the dramatic skeletal trees around. The crater lake was likewise stated to be rather mystical that inning accordance with villagers, animals, specifically birds, aimed to avoid the location considering that it caused death to some living creatures.

However, science has an explanation for this old story because the crater lake contains an active concentration of sulfur which is lethal to these animals. However, nothing to fret on the said sulfur level given that today, it is safe to wander around the crater lake. It is just the sulfur odor that might trouble you so prepare yourself and bring/buy a mask. White Crater or Kawah Putih is the most interesting places in Bandung.


2. Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu Bandung - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Tangkuban Perahu Bandung

Tangkuban Perahu is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Bandung and still be favored by the tourist to visit this lovely website in Bandung, it is yet another crater from a volcano in Indonesia that deserves the go to for the vast awe of the view from the top. This might be 2nd finest to Kawah Putih however still worth to go to.

It is an impressive experience in an active volcano, an actual witness to the high white steaming smoke that it produces. The famous mountain has a unique story, where Tangkuban Perahu was formed from the boat that Sangkuriang (a legend character) kicked upside down.

Here you can see remarkable big crater panorama and the three most significant hole. Although it is no longer active, however, you still can see the outburst of sulfur in some locations. If you place your foot here, do not forget to catch your moments with the beautiful mountain as your background. Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of the most interesting places in Bandung.


3. Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate Bandung - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Gedung Sate Bandung

Developed and utilized by the Dutch companies, it is popular for its satay food design. It has six accessories symbolizing 6 million guldens. Now it is used as the workplace for West Java Government. Thankfully, the location is open to the public and do not forget to have a great chill and beverage at the top flooring while overlooking the city.


4. Dusun Bambu

Dusun Bambu Bandung - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Dusun Bambu Bandung

A relaxing household leisure park at the foot of the mountain with very motivating, superb and remarkable attractive surroundings. Massive bamboo structure welcomes you at the main gate, and a fancy-dancy flower shuttle bus will bring you to the primary area of the park.

Along the way, you will see the greens with interesting bamboo walking courses. Try a different dining event on Dusun Bambu’s hanging cradles, the Lutung Kasarung and let the cool mountain breeze touch the light of your cheeks though having a satisfying meal at the tree top.

A close contact with nature, sharing the sweet taste of life with the household, Dusun Bambu is genuinely among the best and interesting places in Bandung, Indonesia. For now, Dusun Bambu is one of the most interesting places in Bandung and many tourists visit this place with their family on the weekend.



5. Curug Waterfalls

Curug Waterfalls - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Curug Waterfalls

Bandung is filled with stunning landscapes such as national parks, hills, and waterfalls, and Curug Maribaya is one of Bandung’s best waterfall there is. This newly remodeled spot is not all about its waterfall, as there are numerous spot to do some sightseeing and it is rather an excellent place to invest your day off.


6. Saung Angklung Udjo Show

Saung Angklung Udjo Show - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Saung Angklung Udjo Show

Saung Angklung Udjo Show is the best places to visit in Bandung. Even with eyes closed, merely hearing the happy tinkling tunes of the Angklung will put a smile on your face. Angklung is a conventional musical instrument made from bamboo.


7. Bandung Zoo

Bandung Zoo Park - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Bandung Zoo Park

Bandung Zoo is always crowded on the weekend since it is a popular place for local people to do some outdoor leisure. It lies at Taman Sari Road, near Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). It has lots of fauna and flora that are protected and protected.

You can likewise enjoy some amusement trips such as Flying Fox, playing at the play area, or riding a rental swan ship in the Zoo Lake. You can ride elephants and horses. The fresh breeze and the green trees of the zoo makes you remain to relax and happy.


8. Braga Street

Braga Street - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Braga Street

Attempt to go to Braga Street, as you can feel the shades of the past here. This road has a length of roughly 700 meters and is located in the heart of Bandung. There is Merdeka structure that is near Asia Africa Road. The romantic atmosphere can be felt here just like some streets in Europe cities.

The rows of shops, structures, and hotels still maintain its original architecture. You can see some paintings and art stores along the road, and you can likewise go to the mark of Bandung, Masjid Agung Bandung Square. At night, you can delight in some live music performances from some cafés in this roadway.


9. Cihampelas Walk

Cihampelas Walk - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Cihampelas Walk

Cihampelas Walk is a shopping market in Bandung with a principle of nature. It is situated in Cihampelas Road that has been referred to as a great place to shop some clothing. Bandung is popular as a center of fashion as well as widely known to global.

If you are searching for some locations for a romantic dinner, Cihampelas Road will serve it to you as you will recognize beautiful lights strings hung along this roadway. CiWalk is one of the most interesting places in Bandung.



10. Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio is one of the greatest indoor traveler rides in the world. It has lots of flights, and it is a great location for a family journey. Trans Studio Bandung lies in Gatot Subroto 239 Road. You can see some efficiencies, such as Trans Studio Big Band, Laser Show, New Parade, Legend of Crown Prince, Kabayan Goes to Hollywood, Bolang & Zoo Crew Adventure, and Special Effects Action Show. There are also many efforts that you can try, from last trips to soft play for kids.


11. Ciater Hot Spring

Ciater Hot Spring - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Ciater Hot Spring

About 30 km from Bandung city, near Lembang, you will see a hot spring that originates from the existing crater of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. You can take pleasure in hot water by getting a bath. During the journey to the hot spring, you will fulfill the surroundings of greenish tea gardens.


12. De’Ranch Lembang

De’Ranch Lembang - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

De’Ranch Lembang

If you desire to ride a horse with cowboy design, you can visit De’Ranch Lembang. Here you can rent some horses along with a cowboy costume and ride it around De’Ranch. You will be assisted by an expert, besides riding a horse, you can also ride a delman (horse-drawn carriages), fun boating, doing any gold hunt or archery and lots of other activities to invest your experience time.


13. Bandung Geology Museum

Bandung Geology Museum - Most Interesting Places in Bandung

Bandung Geology Museum

Geology Museum remains at the top of the listing of things to do in Bandung is pretty terrific. The Museum has interesting exhibits, rebuilt skeletons of Wooly Mammoths and even the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Sure, this is more of a location for a family visit, but it is still an interesting place to check out while in Bandung. Bandung Geology Museum is the last one of Most Interesting Places in Bandung list for this article.