Moko Hill Activities – Bandung has a lot of natural Hill tours. In addition to Keraton Cliff in West Java Tourism that is not foreign to the ears of tourists, in the Land of Pasundan there is also the highest peak, Bukit Moko or Moko Hill which is very busy visited by local and international tourists.

Located in Cimenyan Village, Bukit Moko offers the charm of natural beauty with the beautiful landscape of Bandung from a height. Being at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, cool air is so non-negotiable when you’re at the top of Moko Hill.


Moko Hill in Bandung

Bandung Hiking – Although it has an easy climbing path, there are many things you can do from the top of Bukit Moko. Here are some things you can do while on the top of Moko. Bukit Moko is one of the beautiful nature in Bandung, West Java. This article provides some things to do and best Moko Hill activity in Bandung Tourism. Here some of the best activity that you can do in Moko Bandung.

1. Milky Way hunting in the night sky of Bukit Moko

Best Moko Hill Activity

Best Moko Hill Activity

Because of the peaceful and peaceful atmosphere of the night in Moko Hill, as well as the beautiful night stars. Then you who like photography then there is no harm if trying to hunt Milky Way from the height of Moko Highland. Lots of good photos that can be immortalized from this place. Capturing is one of the best things to do in Moko Highland and this place including as one of the best things to do at Bangdung Night.


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2. Enjoy the stars when night arrives at Moko

If you decide to come at night, then the right thing at the top is the star hunt. With a beautiful expanse of fields and hills, you can freely hunt for the stars while capturing this nice moment with the camera and with the background of Bandung in the night. Thus Moko Hill is often referred to as the ‘Peak of the Stars’.


3. Enjoy the atmosphere of a very beautiful sunrise and warm

Moko Hill Morning

Morning in the Moko Highland

If you want a little patience, you do not need to hurry to get down from this hill. From the top of Moko Hill, you can enjoy the sensation of sunrise hunting in the morning. Beautiful orange sky color you can meet, still with the background stretch of Bandung city view from above. Sudden dew is a bonus for you who have been to the top of Bukit Moko. Sunrise hunting is one of the best Moko Hill activity.


4. Enjoy special culinary at one of the best Bandung Hiking places

Despite having access that is not easily conquered by vehicle, Moko Hill also has a lot of restaurants and shops to hang out. Most of them provide an interesting spot for dinner with beautiful natural scenery. Like in Burgundy Restaurant where you can have dinner with your loved ones on wooden tables and chairs. If you want to snack, can try banana roasted Moko Hill typical chocolate cheese with a glass of hot tea.


5. Camping with a campfire theme

For you who want to linger in Moko Hill, there is also some camping ground that you can occupy. By simply paying for your tent and firewood rent, you can spend the night under the typical cold air of Moko Hill. More exciting with the presence of a campfire, so the cold can be eroded slowly. Camping is one of the best Moko Hill activity when night arrives and watch a beautiful scenery of Bandung from the top.


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6. Trekking in the lush pine forest

Pine Forest in Moko Highland

For you who have a soul of adventure, Bukit Moko also provides its own arena. Yes, there you can be trekking the vast and lush pine forest. The offerings of pine trees line up neatly, some of which have colorful leaves. In the afternoon it is the perfect time for trekking in the Bukit Moko pine forest path where the air temperature is very cool.


There is the best things to do and the Best Moko Hill Activity in Bandung, West Java that you can do together with your friends or family. Moko Highland is one of the best natural scenery of Bandung that popular for local tourist and foreign tourist. (Capture Indonesia)

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