Where is Indonesia Located? – Did you know Indonesia? What is Indonesia? Where is Indonesia? Lots of people all around the world did not know Indonesia. When somebody inquired about Indonesia Tourism to foreign vacationers, they would have stated ‘Bali’ because a lot of foreign visitors who’re a lot more familiar to know Bali than Indonesia.

They think that Indonesia is located in Bali. In reality, Bali is part of the island in Indonesia. Indonesia has numerous islands that one among islands is Bali, Java, Kalimantan and more. And finally, where is Indonesia located? where is Indonesia on the map? We will discuss in the article below.

Map of Indonesia - Where is Indonesia?

Map of Indonesia


What is Indonesia?

Indonesia is the fourth greatest country on the planet is property to greater than 259 million folks. What is Indonesia? Indonesia is constitutionally a secular condition and also the fundamental principle of Indonesia’s philosophical basis, Pancasila, is “belief in the one and simply God’.

Quite a few different religions are practiced in the country, in addition to their corporate influence about the country’s political, financial and cultural life is considerable. The Indonesian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

Even so, the government understands only six official religions are Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism). Indigenous tribes nonetheless exist in Borneo to Papua in Eastern Indonesia. The presence of their pagan origins can nevertheless be observed, heard and gone through by those who dare to breach the tourist frontiers.

While much of Indonesia’s allure is in its rich cultural tapestry and untamed wilderness, its cities, and resorts can also be famed for world-class visitor facilities. Tourist is rapidly increasing breed of unique site visitors to Indonesia.

Indonesia Information

Country NameIndonesia
Area1,811,569 km2
Official LanguageIndonesian
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Neighbouring CountriesMalaysia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste
TimezoneUTC +7
Phone Code+62


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Where is Indonesia?

Many people ask, Where is Indonesia? Indonesia is located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, in between the continents of Asia and Australia. There are 8,844 islands have been named by estimates made by the Government of Indonesia, with 922 of individuals permanently inhabited.

It comprises five main islands: Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua; two major archipelagos: Nusa Tenggara and the Maluku Islands and sixty smaller sized archipelagos. Four on the islands are shared with other nations: Borneo is revealed to Malaysia and Brunei, Sebatik, found from the eastern coast of Kalimantan, shared with Malaysia, Timor is shared with East Timor, as well as the newly divided provinces of Papua and West Papua share the island of New Guinea with Papua New Guinea.

Indonesia’s total land location is 1,919,317 square kilometers (741,052 sq mi) with over 80,000 kilometers of coastline. And the capital of Indonesia is Jakarta (Where is Jakarta?). As of 1 January 2016, the human population of Indonesia was calculated to get 259,281,096 individuals dwell in Indonesia with 34 provinces.

The human population is produced from Malay, Polynesian, and 100 distinct ethnic groups. A certified language is Bahasa Indonesia with many regional languages and dialects. English is widely understood precisely in Jakarta, Bali and also other significant cities. And now you now where is Indonesia, right?

Where is Indonesia on the Map?

Below, we provide an Indonesia Map and you can type your country to count how far your country with Indonesia. That is Map of Indonesia.

Indonesia Map

Indonesia Map


Indonesia History

History of Indonesia – Indonesia, with more than 18,000 counted islands, is the biggest and many various archipelagoes in the world. It spans virtually 2 million square kilometers amongst Asia and Australia. With a population of 248,216,193, Indonesia shares land boundaries with three countries: Malaysia, Timor-Leste, and Papua New Guinea.

Positioned around the Equator, across a region of immense volcanic action, Indonesia has some 400 volcanoes inside of its borders, with at the least 90 even now active for some reason. Many of the islands listed here are nevertheless uninhabited, with the greater islands of Java, Kalimantan, Irian Jaya (Papua), Sumatra and Sulawesi property to nearly all of the people base.

Forming a bulk in the modern day population are Austronesian peoples, who migrated from Taiwan all around 2000 BC searching for out the perfect agricultural circumstances. The strategic sea-lane positioning of Indonesia also played host for the cultivation of global trade with China and Indian kingdoms.

Via the first centuries AD, some small states flourished across Indonesia, like the Tarumanagara who made some of the earliest acknowledged inscriptions on Java island. Through the 7th century BC the Srivijaya naval kingdom had established on Sumatra, bringing together the impacts of Hinduism and Buddhism, and surrounding significantly on the Southeast Asia maritime.

The Srivijayans have been severely weakened by the number of Chola raids in the 11th century, and by 1414 had entirely ceased to exist. Islam manufactured its method to Sumatra throughout the slow downfall of the Srivijayan kingdom, and in its wake, the Majapahit state formed. Below the ruling of Gajah Mada, Indonesia experienced a Golden Age and extended by way of considerably on the southern Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, and Bali.

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