Most Beautiful Indonesia Mountains – When you consider Indonesia, hiking up mountains in Indonesia hardly ever comes to mind. Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised to discover that Indonesia has more active volcanoes than any other country and has many beautiful and highest mountains in Indonesia, due to its place within the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Before you respond negatively to this active volcano attribute Indonesia has, we glad to tell you that this dangerous area does not come without beauty. Mountains are one of the best natural attractions in Indonesia.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Indonesia Mountains

Most Beautiful Mountains in Indonesia – Much of Indonesia’s mountains are positioned within a large volcanic lake or inside craters, providing these peaks an incredibly unique and heavenly environment. Here Capture Indonesia provides ten beautiful mountains in Indonesia worth a climb and to see its beautiful scenes.

1. Mount Agung

The home of the Mother Temple of Bekasih, Mount Agung is spiritually substantial to many Balinese individuals. The locals say that it was developed when the spiritual axis of dark space, Mount Meru, was divided by the Hindu God Pashupati.

As if that is not enough need to explore this impressive mountain, it remains in truth, standing at 3,142 meters and is the highest mountain in Bali. It is a 7-hour rise, and there are lots of interesting stops along the way. Make certain to drop in the Pasar Agung Temple and the Besakih Temple throughout your hike. This is the best mix of culture and experience. This mountain can be scaled in 6-7 hours with a challenging hike.

The hike itself is an adventure, and lots of travelers discover it a satisfying after experiencing it. En route, you can check out the Pasar Agung temple which is among Bali’s nine directional temples. There is also the magnificent Besakih Temple which stands dramatically on the southern hills of Mount Agung.


2. Mount Batur

If you want a dawn view of Bali and its surrounding islands ignoring Lake Batur, climb Mount Batur at the first light. One of Bali’s a lot of natural climbing areas, the picturesque charm at the peak has the short rate of only a 2-hour hike. A brief and enjoyable trip, and it doesn’t injure that after your climb you’ll get to blow that you were standing at the top of an active volcano while in Bali!

Getting here from Ubud might spend some time however the climb and the scene of the landscape and Lake Batur is all deserving it in the end. It is also among the favorite activities to do when you are going to Bali enough time to obtain tired of the beaches and sea and desire to make some trips. Mount Batur is one of the most beautiful Indonesia mountains.


3. Mount Kerinci

If you’re up for something tougher in Indonesia, you’ll be glad to become aware of Mount Kerinci. This is the highest volcano in Indonesia. And it is still extremely much active! It will be a four day and three night walking to the top.  What’s more about this place is that it lies within the Kerinci Seblat National Park, home to the threatened types of Indonesia: the Sumatran tiger and the Sumatran rhinoceros.

If this mountain weren’t impressive enough, you’d be pleased to keep in mind that Mount Kerinci has 15 lakes around it and among them is the greatest in Southeast Asia, the Gunung Tujuh Lake (Seven Mountains Lake, since of the seven peaks surrounding this lake). This is a beautiful climb where you will experience nature like never previously, all while on your way up a very active volcano.


4. Ijen Crater

In Indonesia area understood as Kawah Ijen, this is one impressive mountain you just can not overlook. Its draw is  0.6 mi wide crater at its peak. In this crater is a stunning turquoise-colored lake. This is the world’s largest acidic volcanic lake. Visually phenomenal, it’s not surprising that this mountain draws many hikers to climb it. And it is all to see this remarkable sight.

However that’s not all, the lake discharges gas that shows up to the naked eye. The gas is smoky white throughout the day, but at night, hikers deliberately climb Ijen Crater to witness its blue flames dancing above the water. Impressive to behold, however, care requirements to be taken as the fumes are dangerous, so cover your nose and mouth while you look at this natural marvel.


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5. Mount Kelimutu

The piece resistances at Mount Kelimutu are its three lakes. Giving off gorgeous colors of blue, green, and red, the watercolor of the three lakes modifications inning accordance with season and time of the day. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon due to the volcanic substances inside the water; this magical looking lake is definitely worth the 20-kilometer trek.

Mount Kelimutu is house to the famous tri-colored lakes which people travel through long, tortuous roads simply to get to. The lakes remain in hues of blue, green and red due to its volcanic bodies and it changes colors depending on the season and the conditions making it rather magical.

These magnificent lakes are the reason enough to scale Mount Kelimutu for. The greatest peak here is Mount Kelibara at 1713 m. Mount Kelimutu is positioned in Kelimutu National Park in Central Flores of Indonesia.


6. Mount Bromo

One of the most active volcanos in the world, it is a surprise that Mount Bromo, at 2,329 m and also among the most often hiked mountains and one of the best Java Mountains! It makes more sense when we describe what exactly to see at the peak of this magnificent mountain after a two-day walking. As the sun rises, it reveals with its light acres and acres of gorgeous landscape of valleys and hills that extend as far as the eye can see. Read more about Mount Bromo as one of the most beautiful Indonesia mountains: Beautiful Mount Bromo in Indonesia and Mount Bromo Facts.


7. Mount Semeru

Another active volcano on the list, cigarette smoking from its center, Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java Also understood as Mahameru by residents, this equates to the Great Mountain. Climbing to its peak takes about two days of trekking. The most significant obstacle for the walking is the last slope as much as the summit. After that, you’re free to enjoy the enchanting beauty that lies below. Mount Semeru is one of the most beautiful Indonesia Mountains.


8. Mount Merbabu

You can climb to Mount Merbabu to see a 360-degree view from the top, which is particularly spectacular to admire while having breakfast. But before you get to delight in that, it’s a 12 hour walking to the top. There are two peaks to conquer: Syarif (3,119 m) and Kenteng Songo (3,142 m). In between two peak is a U formed valley, so you can simply imagine the charm. Mount Merbabu is one of the most beautiful Indonesia mountains.


9. Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia at 3,726 meters tall. It has a 50 square km large caldera with a crescent-shaped lake called the Segara Anak. Lots of pilgrims come here each year to make offerings to the gods. This is among Indonesia’s biggest walkings, and certainly not an easy one.

Although taking three to 4 days, you will still delight in traveling through the various quantities of towns, forest landscapes, and waterfalls along the way. To hike this Indonesian volcano would take two days of demanding trekking.

However, the view at the top is all so worth it. Due to Lombok being among the emerging travel locations in Indonesia, you will find rather some travelers scaling this mountain with you but worry not as the appeal is for all to admire together.


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10. Puncak Jaya

We saved the highest for last and this mountain is the highest mountain in Indonesia! Towering at 4,884 meters at the Lorentz National Park in Papua, Indonesia, a go up this giant is incredibly technical. It’s for extremely skilled and experienced hikers. No surprise there because it’s one of the Seven Summits of the World!

Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid is the greatest island peak worldwide, makings it the only mountain in Indonesia with a glacier at the top and known as the highest peak in Indonesia. It lies in Lorentz National Park in Papua, Indonesia. The climb this mountain is extremely technical and challenging, for that reason, it is well encouraged to get a guide and provide yourself thoroughly for it.

Dominating this mountain belongs to the peak-bagging list of Seven Summits of the world. A guaranteed should climb this one of Most Beautiful Indonesia Mountains.


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