General Information

Below listed some general information about North Sumatra Tourism that useful for you that want visit this area.

  • Province Name: North Sumatra
  • Capital City: Medan
  • Island: Sumatra
  • Population: ± 13,527,937
  • Religion: Islam, Christians, Hindu, Buddha
  • Language: Indonesian, Malay, Javanese, Bataknese

Most Popular Attractions

Below listed some popular tourist attractions in North Sumatra that useful for you that want to visit this place.

  1. Lake Toba.
  2. Samosir Island.
  3. Bukit Lawang.
  4. Berhala Island.
  5. Berastagi.

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North Sumatra Tourism Indonesia

North Sumatra Tourism Indonesia


North Sumatra Tourism – The province of North Sumatra extends across the island of Sumatra between the Indian Ocean and the Strait Malacca. It surrounds North Sumatra province on the northwest and Riau and West Sumatra provinces in the southeast, this area is 72,981 km ². The province consists of a broad, low plain along the Strait of Malacca on which the provincial capital, Medan. In the south and west, the property rises to the range of mountains that goes the distance of Sumatra; the mountains here are dominated by Lake Toba, formed from the caldera of an old volcano. Numerous big islands in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Sumatra are currently part of North Sumatra, most especially Nias Island and the Batu Islands.

There are 419 islands in North Sumatra. The outer islands are the island Simuk (Nias), and the island Berhala in the Strait of Sumatra (Malacca). Nias island chain includes the island as the first island and other smaller sized islands in the vicinity. Nias Islands situated off the coast of western Indian Ocean. Administration center located in Gunung Sitoli. Danau Toba or Lake Toba is around 4 hours from Medan by automobile and is the home of world’s largest crater lake and island-within-an-island. The town of Tuk-tuk on the island is popular with European tourists, and magic mushrooms are easily readily available. Batak Toba Traditional House is a must-see tourist attraction while checking out North Sumatra. For the tourist, it centered in Samosir island, while there are more in Balige, Porsea, and Tarutung.

North Sumatra thought about as one of leading tourism activities in Sumatra Island, just below Riau Islands. Inning accordance with Ministry of Tourism, North Sumatra is included in the top 10 visited province in Indonesia. There are many sorts of tourism location that might be discovered throughout the province, Berastagi is the very best referred to as a hilly place with a cooler temperature as the entire area remains in the tropical region. Lake Toba also the sloping site consisted of a largest volcanic lake with an island in the center. Nias Island and other some islands nearby called Batu Islands is the best place for surfing cause high sea waves. The capital itself, Medan, has a lot area of interest, generally on historical tourist. The city is likewise known for its food.


North Sumatra best things to do – There are so many things to do that you can do if you visiting North Sumatra. But, we will tell you some popular things to do in North Sumatra as listed below.

  1. Walk around on capital city, Medan.
  2. Visiting the largest crater lake in Indonesia and the largest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba.
  3. Visiting Samosir Island in the middle of Lake Toba.
  4. Visiting Bukit Lawang, the largest animal sanctuary of Sumatran orangutan.
  5. Surfing at Nias Island (There are usually held surfing for international competition).
  6. Snorkeling and watching turtle nesting in Berhala Island.
  7. Come and visit Berastagi as a popular weekend destination for city dwellers.

And many more things to do in North Sumatra.


North Sumatra Accommodation – There are so many accommodations in North Sumatra and suitable to live in if you are visiting this area. But I will summarize the 10 of the best hotels and resorts in North Sumatra, the following list of the best accommodation in North Sumatra.

  1. EcoTravel Cottages Bukit Lawang.
  2. JW Marriot Hotel Medan.
  3. Hotel Deli River.
  4. Grand Swiss-Belhotel Medan.
  5. Hotel Santika Premiere Dyandra.
  6. Grand Aston City Hall Hotel.
  7. Hotel Orangutan.
  8. Taman Simalem Resort.
  9. Aryaduta Medan.
  10. Mikie Holiday Resort.

And many more best accommodations in North Sumatra and you can use hotel search box on the right or below to find the best hotel for you in here.