Best Time to Visit Bali

Best time to visit Bali – Bali is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia Tourism. Not only for local tourists but also for the tourists from outside Indonesia. Bali always offers the charming of natural beauty. In Bali, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, the forest, and also the local cultural diversity that famous for all around the world.

Knowing the best time to travel to Bali can be an essential thing in your planning so that you can enjoy a fantastic holiday in Bali, Indonesia. But do you know when the time is right for a holiday in Bali? The article below is the answer. But, when is the best time to visit Bali? The answer hugely depends on yourself, because each person has its characteristics based on their needs and goals to visit Bali.

For example, if a tourist who come to Bali, usually will choose between May to October. Because in those months, the weather in Bali will be bright and suitable to go around the island. So it is perfect for travelers from such cold countries of Europe to feel the warmth of the sun in Bali. That’s an example. Please continue reading to find out the right time to go to Bali.

Based on the Bali weather

Here is the time to take a vacation to Bali based on the weather in Bali and Indonesia. Because Indonesia located below the equator line, therefore the country has only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Find the right time for a vacation to Bali based on weather, below:

1. Rainy Season (November – April)

The right time to visit Bali is when the rainy season occurs for those of you that want to enjoy the holiday with underwater activity and indoor activity. In this period the rainfall may slightly increase and not allows you to go outside. The temperatures in November – April usually just reach up to 25 degrees Celcius. And with that condition, the weather will be moist and wet.

But in this season is the moment of the occurrence of significant waves and is suitable for surfers. Usually, in this period the professional surfers flocked to Bali to enjoy the holiday with their adrenaline rush to face the big waves with surfing in Bali. And many tourists enjoy the underwater activity such diving to see the beauty of marine life in Bali when the rainy period come.

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2. Dry Season (May – Oktober)

The dry season can also be an excellent time to go to Bali. In the dry season, you can do activities in Bali with activities such as tracking and other outdoor activities like go around the island and visiting temples. Between May – October, Bali has a temperature of about 31 degrees Celsius.

The condition allows you to do outdoor activities because the weather is very bright. With the sunny weather, you can travel to Bali without fear of heavy rain. And for those of you who like to surf is also possible once for a vacation in the dry season. Especially for those of you who just love surfing because in this period the sea waves are getting smaller and very suitable for beginner surfers, so this is the best time to go to Bali for the beginner surfer.

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Based on Things to Do in Bali

There are so many things to do in Bali, such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, hiking, getting around Bali, and many more exciting things in Bali (Read our expert list of 50 things to do in Bali). To find the best time to go to Bali based on what you are going to do in Bali. Here’s the answer.

1. Outdoor Activities in Bali

If you want a holiday to Bali with the purpose of sightseeing, trekking, snorkeling, or other outdoor activities, it may be better to travel in the dry season. Like most other tropical islands, Bali has two distinct seasons, wet and dry seasons.

The dry season in Bali arrive from May to Oktober, so prepare your flight to Bali at this moment. And visiting Bali in May until Oktober will be the best option for the tourist that love to camping and hiking. The rainy season falls between November and April, and it usually rains every day for at least a few hours.

2. Surfing in Bali

Bali is the best surfing destination in Southeast Asia, so it’s no wonder that many surfers plan their trip to Bali just to hunt the best waves. Well, if you are one who likes and have a hobby to surf it’s good to know about the wave pattern there. During November – April, the east coast of Bali will have the big waves, so this is a good time for professional surfers to conquer the wild waves of Bali.

Then in April to October, Bali’s west coast gets heavy winds and large for medium-sized waves, which is suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. For beginners, the best time to travel to Bali is from March – November, and you can learn how to surf on the south coast, such as friendly waves and pleasant weather.

3. High Season & Low Season in Bali

In addition to being aware of weather patterns in Bali, it is also essential for the traveler to be conscious of the solid seasons there. Due to its popularity as a world tourist destination, Bali has a high season and low season. If you want a relaxing holiday there, then avoid visiting Bali in July, August, and September. This period is the busiest month because many tourists are vacationing that month. Especially when Christmas and New Year holidays, Bali will full with local and foreign tourists. For those of you who go to Bali to get the peaceful atmosphere, you can come in addition to the high season.

The Best Month to Visit Bali

Below are some of the best months to visit Bali, so use this information to your visit needs and adjust the plan for a vacation to Bali that you have prepared. So what are the best months to visit Bali? Read on.

  • May

The natural conditions on the island of Bali in May is quite comfortable, meaning not too cold and not too hot. After rain since December to mid-April, the natural conditions in May are much better. This time is the perfect time for you who want to visit Bali without feeling the excessive heat.

  • June

June becomes the most appropriate time for you who like to kite. In June will usually be held annual festivals or events typical of the island of Bali. Especially this is also the holiday season, so visitors are very crowded.

  • July

The temperature in July can range from 30 degrees Celsius, and this will be a suitable time for surf lovers and maybe the best time to visit Bali for the surfer.

  • August

This period is the hottest month in Bali Indonesia, so when you go to the beaches, then your body will feel hot during at this time if you do not use sunblock.

  • September

September turned out to be a favorite time for tourists. The reason is in this month tourists, can enjoy the sunny and beautiful sunset on the beach of Bali. Low rainfall makes Bali feel relaxed and comfortable, also this month is the best time to visit Bali but this month is a busy month.


Best time to visit Bali – Bali is one of the best provinces in Indonesia. And like the other areas in Indonesia, Bali weather is tropical that fits for beach activities like surfing and sunbathing. The best time of year to visit Bali is when Mei – July and avoid visiting Bali when high season come between July – September. So, the best time to visit Indonesia and Bali is from May to July in every year. Don’t forget to check the weather prediction on AccuWeather for Bali. (Capture Indonesia)