Dreamland Beach Bali – Any subject related to the island of Bali must not be separated from the existence of some Bali beach attractions. As the life of Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, and many the best beaches in Bali can get public attentions, making Bali as one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia and the world.

Dreamland beach in Bali for example, the beautiful beach located in Badung regency has recently been attracted by the audience of travel, both domestic and foreign, even predicted will be a serious contender for the popularity of some Bali Beaches which was first known.

Dreamland Beach is one of the Best Beaches in Bali and one of the Best Tourist Attractions in Bali as our last articles.


Dreamland Beach Bali


Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach, which from the name of this beach already hinted at a dream about the charm of the beauty of the beach. Dreamland name is not excessive because the exotic beach panorama in this place can make thousands of tourists amazed.

You can see the clean white sand interspersed with rolling waves breaking the Beach, a magnet for surfers to surf all the time. Charm owned by Dreamland Beach Bali can not be separated from its position which is located on the hill. This factor makes guests can more freely enjoy the beautiful landscape lies beautiful, even since the first time the foot down the mountains.

Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland Beach Bali

This beach area is also located so close to the religious attractions of Pecatu Hill, which is a Luhur Uluwatu Temple which supposedly built in the 11th century AD. The existence of Dreamland Beach in Bali keeps a less delightful story, especially in the development process.

It is said that this area is a small settlement with an average population relying on farm produce obtained from arid land. In 1990, PT. Bali Pecatu Graha has a brilliant idea to buy about 900 hectares of land then and then transformed into expensive resorts. Furthermore, the resort is popularly known as Pecatu Indah Resort.


How to Get to Dreamland Beach Bali

If your journey starts from Kuta Beach, you can reach Dreamland Beach Bali via Jimbaran to Pecatu Village with 30 minutes travel time. If you depart from Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, the journey takes only 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, if it starts from Ngurah Rai Airport, it will take 45 minutes to arrive at this attractive tourist sites of Bali. Also available are services from travel agents, tour packages, tourism buses and car rentals in Bali ready to take you to explore the charms of Dreamland Beach.

Old Pecatu Village

The economic crisis in 1998 did the project led by PT. Bali Pecatu Indah runs hazy, even stalled. Until finally, all abandoned facilities and services are then managed by residents. With the potential of beach charm that is not inferior to other beaches in Bali, the beach in this village is expected to be able to earn more available income, especially for local communities.


What to Do at Dreamland Beach Bali

The location of Dreamland Beach Bali is interesting from wherever you look at it. This uniqueness began to feel since the first time tourists come here, then walk to the top of the cliff in the area of Pecatu Village. Here, you will be immediately greeted by a vast stretch of white sand complete with beach umbrellas lined up neatly.

Dreamland Beach Pecatu

Dreamland Beach

Not far away, looks big roll waves racing to the beach interspersed with maneuver surfers are fun to split the waves. It is a gorgeous view that is rarely encountered anywhere else. No exaggeration if then Dreamland Beach touted as New Kuta Dreamland because of its beach charm parallel to the beauty of Kuta Beach Bali.

Dreamland Beach has beautiful hills

To reach the lips of Dreamland Beach, you have to descend the stairs from the high cliff. This is reasonable considering this one beach is indeed surrounded by cliffs. Different from Sanur Beach, Pandawa Beach, or Kuta Beach which every day is crowded by visitors, otherwise Dreamland Beach in Bali is relatively quiet.

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach

However, this is advantageous because tourists more freely enjoy the treats of natural charm that exists. At a minimum, you will not be upset by souvenir merchants or massage services, as is commonly found on the big beaches of Bali.

If you want to unwind, you can rent seats complete with umbrellas by the beach. Perhaps the rent will be quite expensive, but of course, the cost will be comparable to the enjoyment of sunbathing offered. At the equal time, you can also enjoy the coconut ice while watching the surfers who are performing their skill dancing on the waves.

Catch a sunset on Dreamland Beach

Many activities that you can do at Dreamland Beach Bali. Not just a track or play in the sand, you can also hold a thrilling game with friends or play beach volleyball. If you take a look at the cliffs, you will see the magnificent views of the coral hills.

Dreamland Beach Indonesia

Dreamland Beach Indonesia

This is one of the most appropriate spots to see the sunset when dusk greet the day. Cliffs will be screened by bushes when the rainy period arrives, from a distance will look like savannas.

Dreamland Beach Uluwatu tourist area is still reasonably virgin, in other words, the condition of the beach is still beautiful with clear water. Therefore, for you who have a hobby of swimming, you can immediately plunge into the sea and play on the edge.

Visit Luhur Uluwatu Temple

The beach is established at the south end of the village of Pecatu District of South Kuta Badung – Bali is famous for large waves. Of course, you are advised not to swim if it does not have the ability to swim well. Uluwatu Temple is one of the best temples in Bali and worth to visit during your vacation in Bali.

One other interesting thing about this Uluwatu Dreamland Beach is conveniently located close to one of the Pura Sad Kahyangan who supposedly believed as a buffer shaft winds temple in Bali, known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu.


Dreamland Beach Bali Accommodation

Dreamland Beach Accommodation – Currently, Dreamland Beach Bali is already parallel to the popularity of other beaches on the island of Bali. You will quickly find some cafes that provide food and soft drinks. If you want to stay a few days in the area of Dreamland Beach, there are also some villas and resorts with a variety of rates.

Anantara Uluwatu near Dreamland Beach

Anantara Uluwatu near Dreamland Beach

In fact, now also available several resorts built on high cliffs. For those of you who stay here, you can simultaneously enjoy the beautiful beach of Dreamland from the top of the cliff. Of course, the villa rental price is somewhat higher than other places.

Best Dreamland Beach Hotel

There are many accommodations near Dreamland Beach Bali, like hotels, resorts, and villas. But below Capture Indonesia provides some of the best hotels in Dreamland Bali Beach, Bali that offers the best price with some discount if you book your hotels with our links because we are the official partner with Agoda as the best online hotel booking. Below is the list of the best hotels with the best prices in Dream Land Beach Bali.

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