What & Where is Bali?

Where is Bali Located – Still a general question from some people in the outside Indonesia, Where is Bali? or Is Bali a country? That is the common question asked by a traveler who wants to visit Bali but have no idea where is Bali located and how to visit Bali.

Is Bali in Indonesia? For those of you who don’t know, Bali is located in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and as a part of Indonesia Tourism. Bali is Indonesia’s most visited province by tourists from various countries. And it makes Bali is more famous than Indonesia, so do not be surprised if many people know about Bali but have no idea about Indonesia.

If you have a plan to spend your holiday in Bali, then this article will give you short information about where Bali is located and what makes Bali so famous, in case you feel curious why so many people said that this place is very worth to visit.


Where is Bali Located?

Location of Bali – Bali is located in Indonesia, and it’s located only two miles to the east from the tip of Java Island. It’s also located about 1,600 miles to the north from Perth in Western Australia.

Bali Aerial View - Where is Bali

Bali Aerial View

Bali is the western tip of the Sunda Islands which are consists of Lombok island, Timor, Flores, and other islands.
Astronomically, Bali is settled at 8° 25′ 23″ South Latitude and 115° 14′ 55″ East Longitude which makes Bali a tropical place like any other area in Indonesia.

How big is Bali? Bali Island is a small part of Indonesia area with 90.1 miles length and with 4.225 million population but this area is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. Why is Bali worth to visit? Read our explanation below.

Where is Bali on a Map?

Below we provide a Bali Map in Indonesia.


Neighbors of Bali

Bali Neighbors – There are some areas that you may know in Indonesia adjacent to Bali, here are some areas close to Bali and the distance between Bali and its neighbors.

  • Bali – Lombok: Lombok is to the east of Bali and has a distance of about 178.1 km (about 6 hours).
  • Bali – Jakarta: Jakarta is a capital of Indonesia. And Jakarta located on the west of Bali and has a distance about 1.166 km (26 hours) via land transport (private car), while if you take a flight from Jakarta to Bali only takes about 1 hours 40 minutes.


Why Bali So Famous?

One of the reasons Bali is so famous is its exotic culture. These cultures have been able to attract many tourists from outside Indonesia to just see and even learn the culture of Bali. Furthermore, many tourist attractions serve the culture of Bali; You are guaranteed not to be bored while visiting this island. In Bali, visitors can enjoy traditional Balinese dance, drama performances, music, and can visit more than 20 temples spread across the island.

Bali is an island which is known for its beautiful scenery and has become a favorite tourist destination. The natural beauty of this island ranging from the expanse of green rice fields that spread throughout the area of Bali, the original crater lake, sacred caves, volcanoes, tropical forests, and beaches that became the favorite tourist attractions in Bali.

One of the reasons why travelers from all over the world know Bali better than Indonesia is because aside from its natural beauty and exotic culture, it turns out that Bali is also a favorite place for Shopaholic from all over the world.

Kuta, Ubud, and Sukawati are the best place to find many kinds of Balinese stuff. You can also buy wooden handicrafts made by local artists. This exotic stuff can only be found on this island; this is why there are some tourists who go to Bali just to buy Balinese handicrafts.

Bali also is known for its friendly local people. The arrival of many tourists from all over the world, makes them feel that they need to give a pleasant welcome to the tourists. And the hospitality of the Balinese will absolutely make you feel comfortable and safe while you are here.


Best Things to Do in Bali

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