Visit Flores Island Tourism – When we’re talking about tourism spot in Southeast Asia with a beautiful beach to browning your skin under the tropical sun, what comes to your mind must be Bali, Phi Phi Island, or Nha Trang beach in Vietnam. But, have you ever heard about The Beautiful Flores Island Indonesia?

If you’re a travel addict, you love the beach, but you know nothing about the Island of Flores, it’s really a shame for you. You must read this article and prepare for a long journey to this beautiful island in Indonesia. Because after you read this article, you will want to visit this Dragon Island immediately.


What and Where is Flores Island?

Flores Island – If you’ve ever visit Bali; you must be already know how beautiful this Island is and how friendly the local people is. But, to be honest, Bali is too noisy for travelers whose want to spend their holiday to enjoy the nature instead of spending their vacation time with so many people around them on the beach.

Flores Island Information

ProvinceEast Nusa Tenggara
ArchipelagoLesser Sunda Islands
Area13,540 km2
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Popular DestinationsKomodo National Park, Kelimutu National Park, Wae Rebo Village
Best Hotels and ResortsHotel Casazul, Hotel Isla de Flores, Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Where is Flores Island?

And fortunately, Indonesia has a quiet place with a lovely tropical beach like Bali. And not just that, it also has more beautiful nature than Bali. This place is Flores Island. In this island, you can find a quiet white-sand beach, friendly local people, astonishing volcanic lakes, beautiful sunset, and also The National Park of Komodo Dragon, the biggest bad-ass Lizzard in the world. But, many people don’t know Where is Flores location.

The local people of this island are very friendly, especially to a western tourism. If you’re white people, you are lucky because the residents will smile to you, ask to take a picture with you, or even ask you to visit their house and sometimes give you a local food for free.

Flores Island Map



How to Visit Flores Island

To visit Flores Island, you can set Bali as your starting point or Airport Flores Indonesia. You can spend some night in Bali and enjoy Bali’s nightlife if it’s your first time in this place. Or you can take some rest because it will be a long journey especially if you’ll take a tour between Lombok and Flores via Komodo National Park.

We highly recommend you to take that tour if you’re okay with three days of a boat trip. It will be an unforgettable experience for you!

As I said before, from Bali, you can go to Flores through boat which requires you to take a short boat trip first from Bali to Lombok first.

Komodo Island - Flores Island

Komodo Island – Flores Island | credits:

Moreover, if you don’t have a big budget, you can also travel to Labuan Bajo of Flores Island with buses and ferries. This second option also requires you to take a short boat trip from Bali to Lombok. The price for that short boat trip is meager anyway.

The last option for you is by plane. You can fly directly to Labuan Bajo from Bali within about 90 minutes. This option is for you who don’t have much time but have a big budget for your trip.


Best Tourism Spot on the Island of Flores

Okay, so let’s start with the best tourism spot that you must visit in Flores Tourism. We arrange these tourist attractions starting from east to west of the island so you can visit every place we write here even if you only have one week for your trip.

1. Komodo National Park

Before you explore the whole area of this beautiful island, you should visit the Komodo National Park and meet the biggest lizard in the world. This lizard is carnivore anyway so you should be careful when you visit this place. According to local people, wearing red clothes will make the Komodo think that you’re a bloody walking meat. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but you should be careful.

Padar Island - Flores Island

Padar Island – Flores Island | credits:

You can get a tour boat for two days and one night trip from Labuan Bajo to visit and explore Komodo National Park.
This place is a lovely place for divers. You will find a top-class underwater scenery. That’s the reason why this place is a must-see diving spot for every athlete who visits Indonesia, even if exploring the Flores Island isn’t on the planned trip.

You will see many Komodo dragons in Rinca Island. The guide will tell you to keep your distance from this dangerous reptile. But, it may be your first and last Trip Flores. So, you mustn’t waste the chance to take a picture of the ‘dragon’ from a close distance. YOLO!

There’s also a perfect snorkeling spot which called Pink Beach. It’s a home to various kind of colorful fish. You will also see dolphins jumping from the ocean while you’re on the boat. That’s so amazing!

2. Traditional Village in Bajawa

Indonesia is known for its exotic tradition. And nowaday it’s hard to find a traditional village in Indonesia. Fortunately, you can still find beautiful traditional villages with exotic house design in Explore Flores Island. You can visit Bajawa by bus from Labuan Bajo. So, after you’re back from an awesome trip to Komodo National Park, you can book a bus from Labuan Bajo to Bajawa. The trip is ten hours long so prepare yourself for another long trip in Flores.

Beautiful Flores Island

Beautiful Flores Island | credits:

In Bajawa you can visit Bena, one of the best traditional village on Flores Island. This place is located in a highland area. The scenery around the village is amazing. If you feel tired after spending long trip from Labuan Bajo, You can always enjoy the hot spring of this village. The local people also very friendly. This place will make you want to stay for more than one day.

3. Kelimutu National Park

Another great place to visit in Indonesia Flores Island is Kelimutu National Park. You can reach this place by bus From Bajawa. It’s indeed another long trip by bus. Once you reach Moni, you can continue your journey to Kelimutu National Park.

The primary travel destination here is the three picturesque crater lake. It has three colors which are blue, green, and black. This place is best seen at sunset or sunrise.

Flores Island

Flores Island | credits:

Although this three picturesque lake sounds very strange and astonishing, this area is quiet and empty. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery for yourself. It will be even better if we visit this place with our loved one. Back from this mystical lake, you may want to spend one or two nights in Moni. Moni is a small tourism town below the volcano. It’s a great place to hang out and meet other travelers from a different country.

This is the last destination spot on Flores Island. From Moni, you can book a private car to Ende. From Ende, you can fly back to Bali. There are some of many great traveling destinations in Flores. To explore Flores and the whole area of this amazing quiet island in eastern Indonesia, you must spend about three or four weeks for your vacation trip to this island.

Here, I also have some travel tips in Flores. Check it out below!

Derawan Islands Sunset
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Trip Flores Island Indonesia Travel Tips

Be prepared for a long bus trip. Buy a medication called Antimo at a local stall. Trust me you’re gonna need this because the bus trip in Flores isn’t comfortable and you’ll mostly feel carsick.

When you’re purchasing something in Flores Indonesia, try to bargain. Seller in Indonesia will charge you extra if you let them. If you don’t have enough time to explore all of three travel destinations that we mentioned above, you can skip the trip by fly from Labuan Bajo directly to Ende and skip Bajawa.

Flores Island is hidden gems of Indonesia exotic travel destination. It’s an alternative place to visit if you think Bali and Lombok are too crowded for you.

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