Moyo Island Tourism in Sumbawa – Moyo Island is a small island situated in the northern island of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Although the island is small but has extraordinary natural wealth that suitable for a holiday or a vacation. This island is the prime tourist destination that is often utilized celebs taking a trip abroad to look for peace during their Moyo Island Tourism.

Seeing the appeal of the beach, sea and fundamental nature, it offers peace for enthusiasts of the outdoors and the charm below the sea. Moyo Island Tourism handled to lure a few of those “big” like Lady Diana and Mick Jagger for a getaway.

Moyo Island has a height deviation from 0-648 m above water level with an area of roughly 30,000 acres. On this island, you will discover numerous butterflies are seen from behind the bushes, trees or in the middle of a savanna. The island is also the home of 21 species of bats, birds, macaque, wild pig, deer, and snakes. However, the original conditions are still very natural. To enter this island, you need to request for aid a guide in order not to get lost for your Moyo Island Tourism.

Moyo Island Honeymoon Guide

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Moyo Island Tourism

Moyo Island Amanwana - Moyo Island Tourism

Moyo Island Amanwana

How to Get to Moyo Island

For those of you who want to celebrate a honeymoon (Moyo Island is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia) or a vacation to the island of Moyo can also access and use the air route from Lombok International Airport heading to Sultan Kaharuddin, Sumbawa using Fokker-type aircraft. Sumbawa that proceeds to the Port of Muara Kali. From this port, you can use the services of boat people and costs around IDR 20,000 to IDR 25,000/person.

Ships of this port went to Moyo Island at around 11:30 local time in a long period approximately two hours. This ship will set off to Sumbawa again around 09:00 local time. If you want to use people’s vessels again will you have to stay first? However, there are still other options that choice you could use motor boats owned by fishermen and costs around IDR 400,000 to IDR 600,000 or you can bargain and follow the agreement if you do not stay and would return to Sumbawa on the same day.


The Best Time to Visit Moyo Island

The very best time to go to the island of Moyo is in July-August. Prevent the time between the months of December to April because the sea waves big enough.


What to Eat in Moyo Islands

How about the food there? I am sure the food is fantastic because I know some first food from there taste so great and scrumptious, it is not just my opinion, but it is viewpoint amongst tourist from an entire the world. They call this island as hidden treasure since it is rather difficult to reach this extended location period ago however now whatever is better because it is simple to come from Bali, Indonesia.

Moyo Island Images


Best Moyo Island Activities

Many things that you can do in Moyo Island Tourism and many beautiful places that you can visit during your Moyo Island vacation, so below Capture Indonesia will provide some of the best activities on Moyo Island.

Do a Romantic Honeymoon in Moyo Island

In this beautiful island, you can celebrate your honeymoon with your beloved couple. Because this island is an ideal island and a perfect place for a honeymoon, do Moyo Island is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

You can add this island to your next destinations on your bucket list, both for vacation or make a romantic honeymoon. Especially for a honeymoon, we just wrote a useful article about celebrate honeymoon in this island; you can read our article on Moyo Island Honeymoon Guide. Hope you can enjoy our article and take advantage on that to make your happiness honeymoon in Moyo Island.

Moyo Island is One of the Best Diving Site in Indonesia.

Indonesia is an island nation in Southeast Asia, a lot of beautiful islands in Indonesia. So do not be shocked if Indonesia is one of the targets divers to carry out their actions and Indonesia has many diving spots, one of which is Moyo Island.

During the honeymoon here, you can feel the unforgettable diving experiences in some of the best diving spots in Moyo Island, some of which are: Rajasua, Tanjung Pasir, Air Manis, Labuan Aji, and there are still many interesting diving spots here.

The honeymoon would be more meaningful if it is spent with beloved by doing things that are not forgotten, like diving in Moyo Island as one of the best spots for diving in Indonesia.

Enjoy the calm and natural beaches in Moyo Island

As in the previous point, Indonesia is an archipelago country’s largest and has many islands. So these factors make Moyo Island (one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia) has many excellent beaches. Why good? Because the beach in Moyo Island is still immaculate, natural and has a gorgeous white sand and sparkling when exposed to sunlight.

Some of the beaches you should visit if to Moyo Island to Tanjung Pasir Beach, Ai Manis Beach, Poto Needles Beach, Brang Sedo Beach, Takat Beach, and many natural beaches on this beautiful island. So do not miss Beaches Tourism in Moyo Island during trips to the Isle.

Visiting the Beautiful Waterfalls in Moyo Island

Beyond the beauty of the sea and the beach, Moyo Island also has a very rich natural and beautiful, one of them is the waterfalls. Lots of travel waterfall on the island, such as Mata Jitu and Diwu Mba’i Waterfall Waterfall. So do not forget to visit one of the waterfalls in Moyo Island for vacation.


Moyo Island