Tanjung Bloam Beach – The natural beauty in Indonesia will never run out if we want to explore. One of the beautiful and the best beaches in Indonesia is Tanjung Bloam that located in Tanjung Ringgit, Lombok. From Lombok Praya Airport it takes about 1.5 hours to reach by car. The location is located in the Jerowaru region of East Lombok regency.

The view of the coral in Tanjung Bloam Beach will not be forgotten. The corals are naturally beautiful. Natural carving can not be imitated by humans. It is not easy to go to Tanjung Bloam, besides the road is still dirt, and dust is also still a lot of gravel. There are also advantages because it is only determined people who can get up to Tanjung Bloam Beach.

How to Get to Tanjung Bloam

Go to Tanjung Bloam Beach – To head towards the beach adjacent to Tanjung Ringgit beach, you have to travel 2.5 hours to the south from the city of Mataram. There is no public transportation to get there, so you have to rent a vehicle, or with a private car.

Before reaching the coast of Tanjung Ringgit, you can turn to the right. Well, the road to this beach is a small way that surrounding dry conditions. If confused, ask the people around. Guaranteed, after passing the long journey, everything paid off with all the beauty that Cape Bloam beach has to offer.

Tanjung Bloam

Tanjung Bloam



Tanjung Bloam Beach Attractions

Tanjung Bloam is a turtle conservation operation that has habitats around the cliffs and lies along the coastline stretching from the north end to the southern end. Also, this place has a natural beauty that is still natural because not much visited by tourists. Once arrived at Tanjung Bloam, you will be treated to a soft stretch of white sand.

The sea water is blue and very clear. This panorama is occasionally interrupted with fishers who go back and forth looking for fish by using wooden boats on the beach. Below Capture Indonesia provides some of the best Tanjung Bloam Beach Attractions.

1. Tanjung Bloam has Stunning Rock Beauty

The appeal of Tanjung Bloam is the stunning rock beauty. Two rocky cliffs flanked over the exotic beach of Tanjung Bloam. On the left side, the cliff is shaped like a bak pau cake. While on the right side, the cliffs are irregular and jutting toward the beach. The yellowish cliff color combined with black color makes it look very contrast with the color of the blue sea water.


2. Tanjung Bloam has Many Photography Spots

Beautiful Scenery on Tanjung Bloam Beach

Beautiful Scenery on Tanjung Bloam Beach

For photography hobbyists, Tanjung Bloam is a place to pass up. Walk to the beach. With occasional coastal winds, point your camera to look for beautiful angles. The beauty of the beach and scenery around the more visible if we go up to the hill on the western coast.

Panorama Tanjung Bloam is similar to Tanjung Ringgit which is also surrounded by rock hill. From this angle, a vast expanse of beach you can see clearly. Taking pictures with the backdrop of Tanjung Bloam beach at this altitude will surely be an unforgettable memory.


3. Tanjung Bloam Beach has Large Waves

In contrast to Gili Sunut which has gentle waves, the waves of Tanjung Bloam large enough. If you do not want to drift away, better relax on the beach while looking at the beautiful scenery. To reach this place, we will spend 2.5 hours travel time from Mataram.

Well, before entering Tanjung Ringgit, turn right. There is a small road that only one car can pass. About 500 meters from the curve there is a small marquee sign that we have reached the Cape Bloam.


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4. Tanjung Bloam is a Turtle Conservation Area

Also, Tanjung Bloam is a turtle conservation area that habituates around the cliffs and along the coastline stretching from the southern and northern ends. Tanjung Bloam location can be reached using four-wheeled vehicles to the target site. Tanjung Bloam can be achieved via the same route with Kaliantan Beach because the distance is relatively close from Kaliantan Beach.

Turtle Conservation on Tanjung Bloam

Turtle Conservation on Tanjung Bloam


Tanjung Bloam Tips

Tanjung Bloam Tips – Another way to enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Bloam beach is by climbing the rocky hill. From here, the beach landscape looks cold. You can also find fishers who go back and forth to the beach to look for fish. In fact, a traveler can buy the fish and burn it directly on the beach. But there are some tips for you who want to Tanjung Bloam.

Beauty Rocky on Tanjung Bloam

Beauty Rocky on Tanjung Bloam

1. The levitation at Tanjung Bloam, Lombok

For those who have been to Tanjung Bloam, this tourist location is a place of conservation of turtles and fauna that are along the coast from North to South. Coral at Tanjung Bloam reminds you of Tanjung Layar in Bayah Banten. Rocky Hill at Tanjung Bloam is not less impressive with Tanjung Ringgit.

If you have the time, preferably after from Tanjung Ringgit, you can stop in Tanjung Bloam. Do not forget to bring a gear camera that qualified for exotic scenery Instagramable really.


2. Do not swim or surf at Tanjung Bloam Beach

Tanjung Bloam Beach is a beach with typical big waves that are not friendly for the traveler who wants to swim. Surely enough different other beaches in Lombok. A passenger can sit on the beach while enjoying stunning panorama. Although the waves are big enough, the beach is not suitable for surfing. This is because the type of irregular waves and many rocks that are harmful to the surfers.


3. Selfie in Tanjung Bloam

It is important for you who are narcissistic. Nothing what, for the sake of safety should be before your selfie recognize the first field in Tanjung Bloam, especially the condition of the waves on the beach. Do not selfie with back to the ocean. Because you will not be able to watch the big waves that suddenly come. Several times it is often the victim because of selfie. So, love your life rather than just narcissistic but sacrifice your life.

Tanjung Bloam Lombok

Tanjung Bloam Lombok

Safer indeed selfie in rocks and hills only. But that does not mean you are not wary too. Avoid standing on the sides of the cliff. Besides being dangerous also the soil structure can suddenly brittle. The point you can travel in Tanjung Bloam this but also still have to be careful. It would be better if you asked about the terrain and location of Tanjung Bloam to the local people. Who knows you guys are invited to go to places that are cool too.


4. Do not forget to bring moisturizer and sunscreen to Tanjung Bloam

You have to be ready with various body armor. Especially for the girls, the heat of the coast can burn your skin. So prepare sunscreen and also moisturizer. While enjoying the view of steep hills steep nan is also you should not forget to bring drinking water as a substitute for lost body fluids. Do not get dehydrated because you are fascinated by the beauty of Tanjung Bloam.


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5. Enjoy the soft sand at Tanjung Bloam

Sand on the beach of Tanjung Bloam is notoriously soft. Especially in the middle of the sun, playing water on the coastal beaches. It’s just not easy to go to Tanjung Bloam beach. For you who are planning this year to Tanjung Bloam, just prepare your stamina. The true traveler has a high stamina, the article there are many other tourist destinations in Lombok that unfortunately for you to miss.

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