Baliem Valley – Papua is an extraordinary location and Baliem as its most popular and available location is no exception. Likewise called Grand Valley, this valley steps around 80 KM long and around 20 KM large and holds a population of 100,000 inhabitants.

The famous Baliem Valley is the most popular and most available destination in Papua’s interior. The Dani Tribe individuals who live here were still dependent on tools of stone, bone, and wood when a natural-history exploration led by American Richard Archbold came across the valley in 1938.


Baliem Valley Papua

Baliem is one of the Best Tourist Attractions in Indonesia as our previous article that discuss this topic in Capture Indonesia.

Baliem Valley Papua View - Baliem Valley, Wamena, Western New Guinea, Indonesia

Baliem Papua View

Baliem Valley in Indonesia – Dani life has given that changed enormously with stone axes being changed by mobile phones and older belief systems with Christianity, however even so the changes are typically only skin-deep and the valley and surrounding highlands remain among the world’s last fascinatingly traditional areas. Going to the Baliem and traveling through high mountain scenery, past neat and orderly Dani Tribe villages, takes you to the world far gotten rid of from Jakarta and is an honor and an experience to be savored. For the majority of people, it is the highlight of Papua.

The primary valley is about 60 KM long and 16 KM broad and bounded by high mountains on all sides. The only considerable town, Wamena, sits at its center at an altitude of 1650m. The effective Kali Baliem (Baliem River), running through the valley, leaves via a narrow canyon at the southern end. Amidst this spectacular scenery, the bulk of Dani still lives near to nature, tending their vegetable plots and pigs around villages made up of circular thatched huts called honai. Roads are few, and latest thing mountain rivers are crossed on hanging footbridges that may be held together just by natural twine.

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Introductions about Wamena (Baliem Valley Location)

Wamena is the greatest town in the interior of West Papua. However, it has a population of just 10,000 and few cars and trucks on its streets which are rather thronged with pedal rickshaws. From Wamena you can take public transportation west of the Valley into Lani nation, trek east to the Yalimo and Mek nation or do a 1-month trek to the Korowai tree house people in the South of West Papua.

There are likewise irregular Missionary Aviation Foundation flights from Wamena to little grass airstrips at ex-missionary stations in otherwise separated locations across West Papua (see below for information). It is not real, nevertheless, that the further from Wamena you travel the more conventional things become.

Baliem Valley Most Popular Valley in Indonesia - Baliem Valley, Wamena, Western New Guinea, Indonesia

Baliem, Most Popular Valley in Indonesia

The most standard gown in the Highlands is seen in the Yalimo, second most in the valley itself. Additional east near the Papua New Guinea border in the Star Mountains there are likewise some very traditional individuals, however, gain access to would require an airplane or about 6 weeks traveling from Wamena.

In basic exploring, the Baliem Valley does not even need a guide. A lot of towns are connected to the road network and have public transport going to them from Wamena. Even traveling east from Wamena to Kiroma (the last town of the Dani people before Yali territory) there are so lots of villages, the course is so clearly significant and you pass a lot of residents strolling it that you could go many of the methods without a guide, state up until Yogosem.


Baliem Valley Population – Dani Tribe

The population of around 3 million consists of ethnic Papuans, Melanesians, and Austronesians. The region is a primarily thick forest where many conventional people live such as the Dani of the Valley, although the bulk of the population resides in or near coastal areas. The biggest city in the area is Jayapura.

The official and most typically spoken language is Indonesian. Quotes of the variety of tribal languages in the area range from 200 to over 700, with the most widely spoken including Dani, Yali, Ekari, and Biak. The primary faith is Christianity (typically integrated with traditional beliefs) followed by Islam. The primary industries consist of agriculture, fishing, oil production, and mining.

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Dani Tribe People Images

Human habitation is estimated to have actually started in between 42,000 and 48,000 years back. The Netherlands made claim to the region and commenced missionary work in the nineteenth century. The area was integrated into the Indonesian republic in the 1960s and has actually faced a violent separatist movement since then.

Following the 1998 start of reforms across Indonesia, Papua and other Indonesian provinces got higher regional autonomy. In 2001, “Special Autonomy” status was given to Papua province, although to this day, the execution has been partial. Because 2003, the region has actually been divided into the two provinces of Papua and West Papua.


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Baliem Valley


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