Baliem Valley Papua Tour Guide – The Baliem Valley was thought to be isolated by people till as late as 1938 when the pilot Richard Archbold carelessly discovered it. In the middle of an aerial reconnaissance flight, he took place to observe a dark, broad valley situated among tall mountains and because of the valley, its spotted clearly recognizable fields, an apparent mark of human civilization. The Baliem Valley and the Neolithic combatants and farmers who populate it, the Dani Tribe were found by pure luck.

Nowadays, travelers from around the globe make their method to Papua to check out the gorgeous interior of the eastern-most area of Indonesia and experience the world’s last fascinatingly traditional tribal cultures of Dani Tribe, along with the Lani and Yali Tribes. Baliem Valley is one of the Best Indonesia Tourist Attractions at Capture Indonesia.


Baliem Valley Tour Guide in Papua

Baliem Valley - Baliem Valley Papua Tour Guide

Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley Tour Guide – Wamena is the central city of the Baliem Valley and is the home of around 10,000 residents who form a mix of Papuans, Dani, Yali, Lani, and other regional people. Wamena is likewise the beginning point for a lot of trips and treks into the Lani, Dani, Yali, and Asmat tribal lands, in addition to.

These trips and treks variety from local half-day strolls to 30-day explorations deep into tribal lands. Also, if you don’t know about Baliem Valley, you can read that Indonesia tourist attraction at Baliem Valley Destinations article.


Best Time to Visit Baliem Valley

The best time to go to the Baliem Valley in regards to weather condition is the season from March til September. This will make sure that you miss the worst of the region’s long rains. Nevertheless, even throughout this time the common place and local location make it unavoidable that there will be some rain and possible interruption to the internal flight to and from Jayapura.

Kids in Baliem Valley - Baliem Valley Papua Tour Guide

Kids in Baliem Valley

As a rule, the further east you go in Indonesia, the drier it gets. As Papua is located as east as it goes in Indonesia, it is pretty dry here. This is good news since it makes traveling to the Baliem Valley feasible all year round. There is a rainy season, but it is fine to go during that time, although temperature might be a bit colder. Overall, the climate here is pretty stable, ranging between 20 to 30C in the days and 10 to 15C at night.

But the best times to visit are probably between March and September, with August being the best month if you want to witness the famous Baliem Valley Festival that is held annually in Wamena. The various tribes living around the Baliem Valley area send groups to represent their traditions, dances, and cultures and you’ll have the perfect opportunity to experience the richness of the tribal cultures of Papua. Not to mention, it’s a prime time to sample some rich earth cooking.


How to Get to Baliem Valley Papua

The best way is used flight services if you are far away with Papua. Fly into Wamena from Jayapura, the only method to get here. It is the capital of Baliem Valley, which also works as a business center for the residents. Perched amongst purple mountains with cooling air, the local markets are one to be admired. However, remember whatever here is more pricey by Indonesian standard due to needing to send out everything in by air from Jayapura.


Ways to Get Around the Baliem Valley

Navigating Baliem Valley is not so easy. There is public transport the town of Wamena, but it primarily includes airport and minivans taxis that run along set paths. If you desired to go someplace not on the road, you could work with a bicycle rickshaw. However, the roadways are not well-paved, and there is a limit to where you can go on a bike.

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Dani Tribe People at Baliem Valley

Another option is to hire a vehicle which will normally be a little SUV or a mid-size 4 × 4 pickup. Even with these automobiles, nevertheless, it’ll be challenging to get to locations that have no bridges connecting them.


What to Eat in the Baliem Valley Papua

You’ll find a range of food in Baliem Valley from street vendors offering tasty soups, local variations of sandwiches, and even imported ice cream to upper-end dining establishments providing wide choices of Indonesian, regional as well as international meals. Remember that local restaurants primarily offer local meals.


Baliem Valley Images


Baliem Valley Papua Travel Tips

Baliem Valley Papua is an attractive location to explore, but bear in mind that this is off the beaten course. It is one of the last real experiences of the earth, and that indicates you’re going to lack a lot of the important things the majority of us take for granted.

Please keep these travel ideas in mind before you check out and prepare appropriately:

  1. Even in the first town of Wamena, the majority of shops do not have outdoor lights, and there are NO street lights. It gets dark, extremely quick after sunset so make sure you prepare your trip around the city so you can be behind at your hotel before sunset.
  2. It’s a superb idea to bring a LED Flashlight. In truth, it’s a sensible idea to bring whatever you truly need while you’re here: sunscreen, insect repellent, flashlights, a backpacker’s water filter and other essentials.
  3. There are no indications, no maps, and virtually no facilities intended for travelers.
  4. Wamena city water is NOT trustworthy to drink saving boiled and filtered.
  5. Alcohol is not allowed in Baliem Valley, Papua.
  6. If you see kids, note that they enjoy having their photos taken. Just make sure you reveal it to them later on.
  7. There has been stress in between the Dani and the security forces and the Indonesian immigrants who have occasionally erupted into violence (in 1977 and 2000). Whereas travel in the Baliem Valley is usually safe, please keep this in mind and know the security cautions released by your nation.