Raja Ampat Islands – What comes to your mind when somebody asks What’s the best place to visit in Indonesia? Bali must be the first place that pops in your mind. And you’re right because Bali has a lot of wonderful tourist attractions worth to visit.

However, Indonesia has a dozen of beautiful places that could satisfy your passion for traveling. And one of the best tourism destination in Indonesia is Raja Ampat Islands. (Capture Indonesia)


Raja Ampat Islands in Papua

Raja Ampat Islands – Have you ever heard about Raja Ampat before? I bet you rarely hear someone mentioning Raja Ampat, or you never heard about this place at all. Well, shame on you if you’ve ever visiting Indonesia and you miss Raja Ampat and its eye-popping beautiful landscapes.

Do you feel interested to learn more about Raja Ampat? If so, then keep reading this post because we’ll cover every awesome thing about Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Indonesia

Raja Ampat Indonesia – Credits: Fajar Nurdiansyah on Flickr.com


Where is Raja Ampat?

Where is Raja Ampat? Raja Ampat is located in the eastern area of Indonesia; it’s part of Irian Jaya province of Indonesia.

Raja Ampat Papua Map

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How to Go to Raja Ampat Indonesia?

You can visit this place by booking a flight to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and from there take another flight to Sorong which is located in West Papua.

However, planning to visit Bali before taking another vacation to Raja Ampat is not recommended. Because there is no direct flight from Bali to Sorong. So you must take a flight from Bali to Jakarta first and then take another flight from Jakarta to Raja Ampat Indonesia. What a waste of money!

From Sorong go directly to Sorong Harbor via taxi which will cost about $80. And you will arrive in the harbor within 10-20 minutes. Once you’re in Sorong harbor, you’ll get several options to go to Raja Ampat via speedboats, regular boats, public ferries, or airplane operated by Susi Air.


Incredible Things to Do at Raja Ampat Islands

The most popular tourist activity in Raja Ampat is Island hopping. You can visit four famous islands in Raja Ampat which are Waigeo Island, Batanta Islan, Salwati Island, and Misool Island. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful blue ocean and wonderful islands around you, and you can enjoy the warmth of tropical sun along with your Island hopping journey.

Diving at Raja Ampat

Another cool thing you can do in Raja Ampat is diving. This place has been known for its wonderful deep sea scenery. Diving in Raja Ampat will amaze you by the stunning panoramic beauty of the underwater world, with a variety of species of fish and coral reefs that live here.

Raja Ampat Marine Life

Raja Ampat Marine Life – Credits: Michael Rubenstein on Flickr.com

Some people stated that the Raja Ampat islands in Papua are a hidden paradise in eastern Indonesia. Moreover, Raja Ampat may also be considered as the place with the most dazzling underwater scene in Indonesia.

With its breathtaking underwater scenery and the wonderful landscapes that surround Raja Ampat islands, it can be concluded that Raja Ampat Indonesia is another place in Indonesia that very worth to visit. Forget Bali, let’s take a flight to the eastern side of Indonesia and visit this hidden paradise in Papua.


Raja Ampat Honeymoon

Indonesia is a favorite country to celebrate the honeymoon. Why? Because Indonesia has a lot of beautiful places for honeymoon and some of the many beautiful places consist of beaches and mountains. Well, one of the many places that have a beautiful beach is Raja Ampat Islands. So no wonder if Raja Ampat in Papua was chosen as a favorite for honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

Below are some important points you should know before traveling in Raja Ampat, with some references in our previous article. Please read the article below:

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