The Perfect Reasons to Visit Raja Ampat – Indonesia is a country many beautiful islands in the world. There are spectacular snorkeling and diving spots, and some of the nice peoples you’ll ever see. One of this island is Raja Ampat and where is Raja Ampat? this paradise located at West Papua. You must visit this island if you are visiting Indonesia.

What the best time to visit and explore this hidden paradise in Indonesia? In all month in a year are the best time to visit Raja Ampat paradise. Above the ground, this area will give you a view with exotic birds that contact to each other, large vibrant butterflies, and hermit crabs dance along the sand. Listed below sea level, marvelous lionfish prowl through the waters past exotic fish, purple puffer fish, turtles, dolphins, and sharks.

This Indonesian sea is the sea with the most biodiverse living in the world, and if you pop your head under the sea for a minute, you’ll be impressed at exactly what you find. You can do Honeymoon in Raja Ampat because Raja Ampat is one of the best Indonesia honeymoon destinations and this area has all that you need to do your perfect honeymoon in Indonesia.


Strong Reasons to Visit Raja Ampat in Indonesia

Reasons to Visit Raja Ampat

Reasons to Visit Raja Ampat

Visit Raja Ampat Paradise – Along with spectacular landscapes, fantastic snorkeling, diving and endless sunshine, there’s a heart and soul to this region of Indonesia. Individuals. The people with smiles on their faces.

The peoples who believe been through some significant hardships provided the difficult political circumstance in West Papua. However, they were open, inviting, and made our experience be extra unique. Below Capture Indonesia listed some of the perfect reasons to visit Raja Ampat on your holiday.


1. Local peoples that so friendly

Raja Ampat is home to a variety of small island neighborhoods such as Arborek, Sawingray, and Yenbuba, and having the opportunity to fulfill the people from these communities was a genuine emphasize of my visit. As you would expect from a location with hardly any travelers, all the kids were so curious when we arrived at each island, and it wasn’t long before they were scampering around our legs requesting their photo to be taken.

Each community has its ambiance, and some islands have their home stays (such as Lalosi Homestay and Manta Homestay on the Isle of Arborek), so you can immerse yourself in the local culture too.


2. Take a boat journey

One of the important things that I liked about Raja Ampat was circumnavigating by boat all over. The waters are so pure in Raja Ampat, and nothing which instructions you head in you zoom past these little islands. Likewise, when you’re out on the water, you do seem like you’re a million miles from civilization.

The majority of the hotels and homestays have their transfers to and from each island, so it’s relatively easy to obtain around. However, taking to the more secluded spots like Piaynemo isn’t possible unless you charter your very own boat


3. Piaynemo

Among the reasons that Raja Ampat is so popular is Piaynemo. This is the pin-up postcard for the tourist board; this is why, so lots of people wish to travel to Indonesia at the moment. Piaynemo is a little cluster of karst islands jutting out of the water and locations truly do not come much prettier than this.

Piaynemo is the strong reasons to visit Raja Ampat on your holiday in Indonesia. To get to Piaynemo you need to catch a boat from anywhere you’re staying, and this can typically take about an hour and a half. Still, the time it takes to get here implies you almost need to put on yourself.

When you get to Piaynemo, there’s a viewpoint that you can reach the top and even though that place has a hot weather and effort the views make it all worth it. And yes, it does appear like this!


4. Diving and snorkeling

This group of the island depends on the most bio-diverse marine area on earth. That there aren’t lots of boats or people contaminating the waters implies the coral and marine life here is next level. Expect everything from dolphins to manta rays until the sharks to substantial schools of fish.

You do get all kinds of life here. There are some dive lodges dotted around Raja Ampat, as well as though they are pricey, it deserves it for the world-class diving. Even if you’re not a scuba diver, the snorkeling here is incredible too.

All you have to do is a flop in the water, and you’ve essentially got your fish tank all around you. The coral is a few of the very best we’ve ever come throughout, a lot so we discovered it tough to obtain from the water!



5. Sunsets paradise

Who is not a fan of the sunset? Out on the ocean they get even much better, the horizon is endless, and there are always some clouds around. Here in this paradise, the only thing that might spoil your unblocked view where the karst shaped of Raja Ampat islands.


6. Raja Ampat is the bird living place

Raja Ampat is one of the very best places in Indonesia to identify the Bird of Heaven, some of the national bird of Indonesia, and a real stunner, with its colorful feather and the long tail. The bird of paradise is very hard to see and just survives on remote corners of Eastern Indonesia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

Bird in Raja Ampat - Reasons to Visit Raja Ampat

Bird in Raja Ampat

The village of Sawinggrai is a type of bird of paradise spot, four species are found in the area of the town. Birds of paradise are shy, and if you wish to see them do their famous dance, flaunting the colorful plumage they’re popular for, you need to be mindful and reach a close-by hill very early in the early morning.

We were fortunate to see a few red birds of paradise, vibrating amongst the treetops as the land around us was awakening. Raja Ampat’s Bird is one of the reasons to visit Raja Ampat on your holiday.


7. Pay your time to visit Arborek Village

If you’re wondering how people exist in Raja Ampat, Arborek Village is an excellent place to visit. The village only has 197 peoples, with diving and snorkeling alternatives are just a couple of strokes away, walk down the jetty and peer into the water, and you’ll see exactly what we said.

Arborek is a genuine success story both regarding the marine conservation center and community-based management, you’ll discover no big hotels or resorts, just restricted homestays where you can remain at a reasonable cost and experience local life for a couple of days.

The culture here has a lot more in common with that of the South Pacific, compared with Java and Bali. When arriving, we were welcomed by children in white face paint carrying out a traditional dance, not unlike dances you might recognize in French Polynesia or Vanuatu. Arborek Village is one of the best reasons to visit Raja Ampat in Indonesia.



8. Swim around pristine around Pasir Timbul

If Piaynemo wins the award for many spectacular Raja Ampat sight, in the second position will be Pasir Timbul, a sandbank found in the center of no place, like a ghost islet seeming out of the oceans at low tide. One of the variations of the Raja Ampat legend that we read discussed a seventh egg, that turned into a ghost.

If the spirit chose to take a house near Pasir Timbul, and create this spectacular natural marvel that appears and vanishes, caught by the water. If the scenery of Pianemo was Sapphire and blue-green, Pasir Timbul is aquamarine and a light milky blue.

The sea is so clear that boats appear to be levitating in the mid-air, and everything is so pure and stunning that you’ll wish to leap into the sea and absorb every second of the experience.


9. Kabui Bay

An option to Pianemo might be Kabui Bay, another dreamlike seascape with rock piles dotted around a beautiful lagoon. The islets are enough smaller than those you’ll discover on Pianemo, so you can’t climb to the top and get that spectacular bird’s eye view. However, you can leave your boat and walk a few of the stacks on wood jetties.

Kabui Bay - Reasons to Visit Raja Ampat

Kabui Bay

A few of the stacks were entirely barren, sharp and large and appeared like a knife slicing throughout the sea. In Kabui Bay it’s reasonable to have a more detailed look at the rocks, finding shapes in the limestone and taking a look at how the color of the water change with the passing clouds. Kabuy Bay is one of the reasons to visit Raja Ampat.


10. Discover the old hand paintings

Another need to head to the Kabui Bay area in Raja Ampat Islands is that it’s possible to see old hand paintings only a short boat flight away. Those hand paintings are comparable to others seen halfway throughout the world, from France to Australia, and their origin is still shrouded in secret.


Reason to Visit Raja Ampat