General Information

Below listed some general information about Riau Archipelago Tourism that useful for you that want visit this area.

  • Province Name: Riau Archipelago
  • Capital City:
  • Island: Sumatra
  • Population: ± 1,973,403
  • Religion: Islam, Prostestantism, Buddhist, Hinduism
  • Language: Indonesian, Malay, Javanese, Minangkabau

Most Popular Attractions

Below listed some popular tourist attractions in Riau Archipelago that useful for you that want to visit this place.

  1. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.
  2. Penyengat Island.
  3. Anambas Islands.
  4. Abang Island.
  5. Barelang Bridge.

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Riau Archipelago Tourism Indonesia

Riau Archipelago Tourism Indonesia


Riau Archipelago Tourism – The Riau Archipelago (Riau Islands) Province originated in July 2004, when it was separated from surrounding Riau Province on the island of Sumatra. It includes the islands of Karimun, Bintan, Batam, Singkep-Lingga, and the Anambas and Natuna island groups in the South China Sea. Though Kepri (Kepulauan Riau or Riau Archipelago) is a brand-new addition to the political map of Indonesia, the distant islands of this archipelago comprise one of the most crucial historical areas in the country.

An island chain of over 3,000 islands, the area has benefited greatly from its area: straddling the sea paths in between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. For thousands of years, traders and pirates alike have taken advantage of its fairly calm and shallow waters, together with its numerous safe harbors. The earliest Malay kingdoms might have emerged in Sumatra. However, their prosperity relied on trade through these islands, while their navies were supported by the Orang Laut (literally “sea peoples”) who resided in the archipelago. After the damage of the Malacca Sultanate at the hands of the Portuguese in 1511, the Riau Islands and surrounding Johor (in Malaysia) ended up being the center of an effective successor sultanate.

In Tanjung Pinang City (the capital of the Riau Province), you can discover lots of historic tourist attractions. The traditional Buddhist Temple and Penyengat Island. With the great Mesjid Raya made by the egg. Consist of the unique building, it is much a spiritual island. To be there, you perceive the glorious history of Indonesia; you can find the parts of the king’s palace. Some Moslem of royalties and a spirit of old religion. The strange of Indonesia, this is maybe the location. The old ruler’s palace and royal burial places, amongst them the grave of the famous Sultan Haji, who also was developer and author of the first Malay Language grammar book, are amongst the traditions left by the Riau sultanate. Still in usage is the old vice-royal mosque, the Masjid Raya.

Riau does not have nightlife as the western world, but individuals hang out on the street in the night. So only go out and see how the locals enjoy their night. The island of Batam is the home of lots of clubs and bars, catering to the big Western expat population operating at the engineering companies, and the younger locals. Know prices, which are rather high in the hotel bars and clubs, and of controlled substances, which are extensively offered but dangerous. Visit Riau Archipelago Tourism!


Riau Archipelago best things to do – There are so many things to do that you can do if you visiting Riau Archipelago. But, we will tell you some popular things to do in Riau Archipelago as listed below.

  1. Enjoy some special Riau’s foods, like Riau Seafood.
  2. Visit Batam City.
  3. Visit Funtasy Island in Batam.
  4. Visit many fantastic beaches in Riau.
  5. Pay a visit and watch cultural center in Tanjung Pinang.

And many more things to do in Riau Archipelago.


Riau Archipelago accommodation – There are so many accommodations in Riau Archipelago and suitable to live in if you are visiting this area. But I will summarize the 10 of the best hotels and resorts in Riau Archipelago, the following list of the best accommodation in Riau Archipelago.

And many more best accommodations in Riau Archipelago and you can use hotel search box on the right or below to find the best hotel for you in here.

  1. Harmoni One Convention Hotel & Service Apartments.
  2. Montigo Resorts Nongsa.
  3. Holiday Inn Resort Batam.
  4. Radisson Golf and Convention Center Batam.
  5. Batam View Beach Resort.
  6. Harbour Bay Amir Hotel.
  7. Fame Hotel Batam.
  8. Goodway Hotel Batam.
  9. Hotel Baloi Batam.
  10. Nongsa Point Marina & Resort.