General Information

Below listed some general information about South Sumatra Tourism that useful for you that want visit this area.

  • Province Name: South Sumatra
  • Capital City: Palembang
  • Island: Sumatra
  • Population: ± 10,675,862
  • Religion: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism
  • Language: Indonesian, Palembang Malay, Col, Kubu, Komering

Most Popular Attractions

Below listed some popular tourist attractions in South Sumatra that useful for you that want to visit this place.

  1. Ampera Bridge.
  2. Bukit Barisan Mountains.
  3. Curup Maung Waterfall.
  4. Great Mosque of Palembang.
  5. Kemaro Island.

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South Sumatra Tourism Indonesia

South Sumatra Tourism Indonesia


South Sumatra Tourism – The province is located in the southeastern part of the island of Sumatra. The majority of its area consists of low-lying plains filled with plantations, forest, marshes and mangroves in coastal locations. The natural conditions of South Sumatra are hot and damp rain forest. Nevertheless, most of this forest have been cleared out to make method for oil palm plantation for palm oil production. The Bukit Barisan range of mountains lies on the western edge of the province and forms the border with the neighboring Bengkulu province. The mountains are the source of river operations that drain eastward to the Bangka Strait and the South China Sea. The biggest among these rivers is Musi River, the longest river in Sumatra.

The administrative area of the province surrounds the provinces of Lampung to the south, Bengkulu to the west, and Jambi to the north. Off the east shore are the islands of Bangka and Belitung, that were divided from South Sumatra province to establish the new province of Bangka-Belitung in 2000. The environment of South Sumatra is entirely appropriate for palm oil industries, including palm estate and rubber markets.

The province has no apparent ethnic supremacy, though the indigenous Musi-speaking Malays have a plurality, followed by the Javanese (the majority of whom current migrants from Java as part of the government-sanctioned transmigration job produced to stabilize the population) particularly from the extremely overpopulated Java island; as an outcome. Javanese is likewise extensively spoken and comprehended, specifically in the location with a high population of transmigrant, in a case, Belitung. Forming the next largest society is the other Malayan-speaking communities along with the Komering, distinct Malayo-Polynesian individuals related to the native Lampungese from neighboring Lampung. Minangkabau, Chinese, and Sundanese likewise form minorities in the province. Visit South Sumatra Tourism.


South Sumatra best things to do – There are so many things to do that you can do if you visiting South Sumatra. But, we will tell you some popular things to do in South Sumatra as listed below.

  1. Visiting and take a walk in Palembang City.
  2. Try a various delicious South Sumatra’s culinary.
  3. Take a photo on the longerst river in Sumatra, Musi River.
  4. Visit Bukit Barisan mountain.
  5. Watching Putri Bekhusek Dance with the princess.

And many more things to do in South Sumatra.


South Sumatra accommodation – There are so many accommodations in South Sumatra and suitable to live in if you are visiting this area. But I will summarize the 10 of the best hotels and resorts in South Sumatra, the following list of the best accommodation in South Sumatra.

  1. Aston Palembang Hotel & Conference Centre.
  2. Favehotel Palembang.
  3. The Arista Hotel Palembang.
  4. BATIQA Hotel Palembang.
  5. Red Planet Palembang.
  6. Novotel Palembang Hotel & Residence.
  7. Grand Zuri Palembang.
  8. Aryaduta Palembang.
  9. Emilia Hotel by Amazing.
  10. Amaris Hotel Palembang.

And many more best accommodations in South Sumatra and you can use hotel search box on the right or below to find the best hotel for you in here.