Bunaken Marine Park in Bunaken Islands

Bunaken National Park Tourism – Bunaken is an island, and formerly part of Manado Bay is the northern part of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The tourist can reach Bunaken by speedboat about 30-minutes from Manado seaport.

Around the Bunaken Island, there is Bunaken Sea Garden which becomes part of Bunaken National Park Tourism. Overall, Bunaken has covered a location of 75,265 hectares with five islands, which is the island of Manado Tua, Siladen Island, Bunaken Island, Mantehage Island and Naen Island.

Bunaken Marine Park has 20 Bunaken diving spots with a differing depth of approximately 1344 meters. From 20 diving points, 12 points amongst them are around is Bunaken Island. Those 12 dive are the most frequently visits by the divers or traveler who desire to delight in the appeal of the underwater scenery.

Bunaken Marine Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia as our last article in Capture Indonesia. The majority of the 12 points dive in Bunaken Island is the line from the southeast to the northwest of the island. In this area, there are great undersea walls, also called the hanging walls, giant rock walls that stand vertically and curved up. These rock walls also as a source of food for sea fish in the waters around Bunaken Island.


The Diversity of Bunaken National Park

Bunaken Island is one of the most popular in Indonesia, you can read our articles that provide information about the islands in Indonesia in the article: The best islands in Indonesia, one of them is Bunaken Island. This island is one of Indonesia Tourism project of Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

If talking about Bunaken, what many people think about is the best Bunaken diving spots are there. The Bunaken diving spots in Bunaken is one of the best in Indonesia and also the best in the world, many diving enthusiasts who have already recognized it. But there are also tourists who want to come here but not yet know how to get to Bunaken Island, so for that, we will provide information about this beautiful island.

Bunaken Island Map

How to Get to Bunaken Island

Manado to Bunaken Island: The island of Bunaken is can easily reach by tourist from Manado by motorized boat, departing from Manado Harbor, Kalasey, Molas, and Tasik Ria beach. Ferryboats from Manado to Bunaken leave daily around 02:00 PM (depending on the tide), other than on Sundays when they leave from Pasar Jengki near the Manado harbor.

The return journey from Bunaken to Manado typically leaves early in the morning, at around 07:00 AM – 08:00 AM. There are likewise charter boats that depart in the early morning and return in the late afternoon. These are usually booked for travel bundles arranged by representatives or hotels.

How to get to Bunaken National Park

If you are already in Bunaken Island, then your journey is near. After arriving at Marina Blue Banter it is still a 10 to 15-minute journey by a cruise to the dive site, while you pass through Marina Nusantara Diving Center (NDC) will take 20 minutes.

Besides other alternatives way, how to get to Bunaken Island from Manado, you can use boat transportation that you can rent from Marina and Pasar Bersehati (Market). Then for admission to Bunaken National Park, you can get it by buying in Manado city exactly in Bunaken National Park Office, besides you can also get it at some ticket sales counter in Liang Village (Bunaken Island) or in Siladen.

Bunaken Marine Park Ticket

The ticket price to entry Bunaken National Park:

  • International Tourist: 150,000 Rupiah
  • Local Tourist: 2,500 IDR

Bunaken Images

The Marine Animal Species in Bunaken Sea

Bunaken Indonesia – Bunaken National Park is a site that representative of Indonesian tropical water communities include mangrove environments, seagrass beds, coral reefs, and land/seaside environments. The prospective islands with a national park are rich with species of palm, woka, silar, sago, and coconut trees. Several unique animal species exist on the mainland, and the coast is Deer (Cervus tumorigenesis russa), Sulawesi Black Macaques (Macaca nigra nigra), and Polecat (Ailurops ursinus ursinus).

Mangrove plant types in the Bunaken National Park is Rhizophora sp., Sonneratia sp., Lumnitzera sp., And Bruguiera sp. This forest is abundant with various type of Crab, Shrimp, Mollusks and numerous species of seabirds such as Seagulls, Sea Dove, Storks, and Heron.

Around there are 91 types of fish discovered in the waters of Bunaken National Park, consisting of Fish Gusumi Horse (Hippocampus horse), Yellow Tail Lolosi (Lutjanus kasmira), Goropa (Ephinephelus spilotoceps and Pseudanthias hypselosoma), Ila Trunk (Scolopsis bilineatus), White Oci (Seriola rivoliana), and others.

The Coastal Reef of Bunaken National Park

The sloping reefs along the coast near Thalassa Dive Center use a broad range of nudibranchs, many types of the seahorse family, the scorpionfish household and the octopus family. And these are merely a few of the more than 2,000 species that live there. Did you understand that we can use you terrific “filth” diving along the shoreline? Mating Mandarin Fish, Mimic Octopus, Flying Gunnar, the Hairy frogfish, and Scorpionfish are only a few of the animals you can come across.

The South Side of Bunaken Marine Park

While on the south side of the Bunaken National Park is entirely various than the north. Here you’ll discover sandy slopes covered with sea lawn. Sea cows grazing with their young are frequently seen. Undersea you will find a macro-environment: seahorses, scorpionfish (Rhinopias), gorgeous nudibranchs, sea slugs, and octopuses are a few of the unique animals that live in this shallow location.

The North Side of Bunaken Sea Garden

The north side of Bunaken National Park uses some high walls of 80 to 200 feet deep. The walls are covered with substantial sponges, hard and soft corals, fan corals, whip corals and other spectacular development. Also, scuba divers and snorkelers can take pleasure in actual schools of fish and with the assistance of our skilled dive guides discover the well-camouflaged creatures that hide in small holes and between the corals on the wall.


Bunaken Hotel – For lodging, Bunaken Island has approximately 21 hotels that you can live in while you are traveling here. We will give you some list of hotel recommendations in Bunaken Island.

Top Recommendations Bunaken Island Hotels:


Bunaken National Park Tourism in North Sulawesi

And we hope this article is useful to you that want to make a trip to Bunaken Island with your friends or your family. If you are in Indonesia, don’t forget to visit this beautiful national park in Indonesia –  Sulawesi Island.

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