Tana Toraja – Torajaland or Toraja Island lies in the highlands of Sothern Sulawesi and is home to the bulk of Toraja individuals, whose history go back 5000 years. Some clans from Southern China are leaving from the local war ultimately made it all the method to Sulawesi where they calmed down. They maintained their distinctive culture and way of living through all these centuries and only just recently were discovered as a tourist destination in Indonesia. And also, Torajaland is one of the Best Indonesia Tourist Attractions like on Capture Indonesia previous article.

It is not that simple to obtain there as the location is quite remote, the closest airport is 7 hours away in Makassar. Therefore, small regional ports like Pare and Palopo act as easier access points. Torajaland is well-known for its conventional homes, formed like a bull’s head and incredibly exceptionally decorated. A few of them are used as granaries, but some of them have living rooms too. The center of tourism is Rantepao that 328 km from Makassar by road and about 8 hours on the way. The entry to Toraja Island Tourism is indicated by a gate integrated into traditional boat-shaped architecture.

Toraja House - Tana Toraja or Torajaland Tourism

Toraja House

The road goes through the mountains of Kandora and Gandang on which, according to Toraja mythology, the very first ancestors of celestial beings came down from paradise. The bulk of individuals still follows an old cult called “Aluk Todolo” which governs all official ceremonies. Torajan culture is a complicated mix of forefather worship and animistic beliefs where routines for the dead are vibrant festivals to pave the method for the soul’s entry into the hereafter. This distinct culture, the exquisite beauty, calm environment and kind people are the main reason that Toraja is getting the appeal as a traveler location.

It takes more than a year, in some cases two, to develop a house like that, as each and every one of them is a masterpiece that needs a great deal of exquisite sculpting, painting, and woodworking. Toraja families see these ancestral homes as their heritage and status sign. The strange shape of your house represents the head of a water buffalo, the most sacred animal for Toraja individuals.


Funeral Ceremony in Torajaland

Funeral Ceremony in Torajaland – Other things put them apart from the rest of the world, and among them is their Funeral Ceremony in Torajaland. Births and marital relationships do not matter for them as much as the funeral services of their household members. Toraja people conserve loan their entire lives to make sure an excellent funeral service for their partners, parents, and grandparents.

Preparations can take as long as few months – the entire sites are being built where numerous visitors can be accommodated, sacrificial animals are being groomed and gowns made, all while the deceased wait for, embalmed in natural preservatives.

Salu Funeral in Torajaland - Tana Toraja or Torajaland Tourism

Salu Funeral in Toraja land

When everything is ready, and the announcement made, hundreds of visitors circulation from different corners of Torajaland, many of them somehow related to the deceased individual. They bring sacrificial animals with them like pigs, cows and naturally buffalos. No Toraja can be buried without his or her relatives butchering a buffalo, as it is spirit will be transporting dead man’s soul to Paradise. The wealthier and more prominent people can have as lots of as 24 buffalos sacrificed at their funeral, plus many numbers of pigs and poultry. The meat would be consumed by loved ones and visitors.

The graveyards are nearly as distinct as the funeral event,  many individuals are buried in Toraja land caves, with their remains honestly displayed. Others are confined within niches fastidiously chiseled in the rock face. There are even those whose rotting coffins perch high above the ground, so empty sockets can gaze above the towns and rice paddies that once were their walking premises.

  • Memorials and Burial Sites: If you cannot time your travels to be here for funeral season (or if you do not desire to see it) the landscape alone is deserving of a visit. The combination of Tongkonan houses in the rice fields with the mountainous backdrop is a beautiful sight. The burial sites throughout the location make for a good need to drive around and take pleasure in the landscapes.
  • Ma’nene: A ceremonial event that held for changing clothes for their ancestral or known as Walking Corpse ceremony.
  • Tampangallo Cave: Tampangallo is the “Natural Grave” site, where caskets are stacked in crevices of the cavern. Besides the coffins are sculpted wooden figures.
  • Bone Cave: there are also stacks of bones throughout the cavern.
  • Burial tree for infants: At Kembira is the burial tree for children. The little specific niches sculpted into the tree are the poorest of all the burial sites. There is a 20,000 IDR fee to visit this tree, makings it feels like a traveler trap.
  • Londa: Londa is a grave site and with cliff and cavern burial sites. Neglect the touts who say you require an overview of seeing the cave.

Flights to Tana Toraja

There are three ways to flight to Torajaland Tourism that can you made with airlines. That listed below:

1. Singapore to Makassar to Torajaland

  • Air Asia operate on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Kuala Lumpur – Makassar – Kuala Lumpur route.
  • Garuda Airlines operate every day with Singapore – Makassar – Singapore route.
  • Silk Air operates on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday with Singapore – Makassar – Singapore route.

2. Singapore to Manado to Torajaland

Silk Air operates on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with Singapore – Manado – Singapore route.

3. Domestic Flights to Totajaland

  • Jakarta – Makassar: Two and half hours flights by Garuda Airlines, Lion Air, Batik Air, Sriwijaya Airlines. This route has assisted the passenger in starting the Sulawesi trip from Makassar to Bira Beach, Sengkang Regency, Karst Ramang Ramang, Pare – Pare then Tana Toraja or Torajaland.
  • Jakarta – Manado: Three and half hours flight by Garuda Airlines, Lion Air, Batik Air, Sriwijaya Airlines. From Manado, the journey you can start within Bunaken Marine National Park to Tangkoko Nature Reserve then Minahasa Regency also can do land transfer to Gorontalo where the harbor for Togean Island it is for 9 hours.

What to Eat in Tana Toraja

Fresh food in this little mountain valley location. Traditional foods prepared delicately and with love. Dining establishments near Torajaland get along folks with incredible consumer care and always seeking to assist tourist in anyhow possible. So, enjoy your visit to Toraja Island or Torajaland Tourism in Indonesia.