Lake Toba: The Largest Lake in Indonesia

Lake Toba – Toba Lake or Danau Toba is one of the world famous crater lakes, and Toba Lake is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia and the largest lake in Indonesia. The island in the substantial lake, Pulau Samosir or Samosir Island brings in lots of visitors and as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, as soon as developed by a massive Lake Toba volcano eruption less than 100.000 years ago. Lake Toba eruption was around 8.000 times stronger than Mount St. Helen Eruption in 1981. Ashes in the stratosphere circled the earth for several years and altered the environment.

As things began to settle another volcanic eruption took place about 25.000 years later on and developed a secondary volcano inside the caldera. The cone of that volcano collapsed and formed the island Samosir while the crater of the first eruption filled with water, exactly what to become Danau Toba or Lake Toba Indonesia. Below we will tell you some information about this Indonesia Tourism, we hope this article useful for you that want to visit Lake Toba Sumatra.


Where is Lake Toba?

Lots of common questions that people often ask for this sights? Where Toba lake is located, the answer is Toba Indonesia is the largest crater lake in the world located in Indonesia, precisely in Prapat, North Sumatra province. To get to this attractions, you have to travel a little distance away from Medan, the capital of North Sumatra by using a private car or car that you can rent from car rental services or travel agencies.

So, if you know where is Lake Toba located? This largest lake is in Prapat, North Sumatra, Indonesia. To get to this resort, you have to travel a little distance away from Medan, the capital of North Sumatra by using a private car or car that you can rent from car rental services or travel agencies. So, if you know where is Lake Toba located? This largest lake is in Prapat, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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How to get there?

Foreign Tourists: If you are from outside of Indonesia, then the first step you must take is to fly from the airport where you are headed to Kualanamu International Airport then you can hire a taxi there to Medan city. In Medan, you can hire a travel agent to take you to Lake Toba Tourist Attractions and Samosir or rent a private vehicle.

Domestic Tourist: If you are from Indonesia, you also have to take a flight to Kualanamu International Airport or take a public bus that leads to North Sumatra, or you can take a private car to get to the lake. But we suggest renting a vehicle only because access to Toba is a bit complicated plus many winding and damaged roads. There are two ways that we review how to go to Lake Toba, and you can find your way that suitable and comfortable for your journey.

The Largest Crater Lake in the World

As our article before, Toba Lake is one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia. The lake covers approximately 1.265 square km leaving out Samosir Island and is 90 km long. Lake Toba depth is in on average around 450m and as much as 900m in some locations.

The lake is situated at an elevation of 906 m above water level. The steep coastline sprinkled with small valleys creates great scenery and separated areas. The deepest and the highest mountains are on its northeastern side. The Dutchman H.N. van der Tuuk was the very first European who saw and reported about the lake, in 1847.

Morning View from Toba

Lake Toba Morning View

Legend of Toba

There are naturally legends on how Toba Lake was formed. The following is a Batak Toba legend: Once upon a time there was a male living in the location of today day Danau Toba. Nobody understood when or from where he came. He resided in an open hut in a farming area. He had a garden and did some fishing.

One day he captured a big wheel in his trap. It was the most significant catch ever in his life. Back home the fish turned into an amazing and beautiful princess embellished with gems. He fell for her and proposed to her. She nodded romantically. Nevertheless, the princess had one condition.

The man needed to assure never to tell anyone that she had been a fish. If he would, there would be the worst disaster. Then they married and got a daughter and lived happily. The daughter always brought lunch to her dad out in the fields. The girl was nevertheless very greedy, and one day she consumed all her father’s lunch.

Her daddy snapped and scolded: “You damned child of a fish!” The princess began to sob when she heard what her other half had stated. She told her child to go to the hills, as there would be a catastrophe. When the daughter had left for security, the princess was prayed.

Soon there was an earthquake, rain began to fall, and springs appeared all over. The entire location got flooded and ended up being Toba Lake in Sumatra. The princess developed into a fish once again, and the daddy ended up being the island of Samosir. There is some information about Toba Lake History.

Batak House in Lake Toba - Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Batak House in Samosir

Inning accordance with a Simalungun legend informed in Pematang Raya. There was once a mountain called Gunung Tuhaweoba in the location where is Lake Toba now (Tuhaweoba is the name of a kind of pepper). A long time ago the mountain blew up, Lake Toba was created, and the people were divided. Those on the western side of the lake became the Batak Toba side and on the eastern side Batak Simalungun. The word Tuhaweoba changed over time to Tuba and later to Toba. And the traditional Batak boat is the canoe; the solu was 10-15m long.

All had the very same width. The canoes of the chiefs were embellished with carvings. The Captain sat in front and provided orders. The solu had its spirit and when a brand-new boat was developed offerings were produced both the boating mind and to Boru Saniang Naga, the Goddess of the water. Bataks feared her as disasters might quickly occur when she was angry.

The Largest Explosive Eruptions in the World

Three years ago Danau Toba reached the lowest water level ever, which caused issues, for instance for tourist. The level had then fallen some meters, and the lake was a rather depressing sight for people who had seen it previously. The factors for the falling water level were deforestation and over intake of water by a pulp factory and a hydroelectric super power plant near Portsea. And now, the people usually called this accident with Lake Toba Supervolcano.

The business took in more water than the capability of Toba Lake can. After violent and in some cases violent protests from the local neighborhoods, the pulp factory, Indorayon, was shut down. The demonstrations were based on various interests and issues, among others, of course, environmental problem. The water level is, however, likewise controlled by the big dams of PT. Inalum. Given that the closure of Indorayon, the water level in Toba Lake Indonesia has reached its average level and the lake has regained its original beauty.

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Where to Stay?

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As we have previously explained, if you visit Danau Toba or Samosir then a suitable lodging is only available in Tuk Tuk Village or in Prapat. But do not worry, a lot of accommodation solutions that you can get one of these tourist destinations in Indonesia is worthy to live in and one of the best honeymoon destinations in North Sumatra.

You will find many resorts and hotels like Samosir Cottages Resort, Samosir Villa Resort, and Carolina Hotel. There are many luxury and standard accommodations that you can search and find to stay while your holiday to this tourist attraction in Indonesia.

Samosir: An Island in the Middle of Toba

As we mentioned above, there is an island in the middle of a large Toba Lake and people there know the island as Samosir. Samosir Island or Pulau Samosir is one of the most visited Lake Toba tourist attractions by tourists, be it local or foreign tourists. One of the most famous destinations here is Tuk Tuk Sumatra, which is the only place that has hotels and resorts in Samosir Sumatra. If you come here, so many Batak cultures you can learn, and you see, one of them is Batak House known as Bolon House and you can find family graves that look better than their own homes.

If you are visiting Medan or North Sumatra then do not forget to visit Danau Toba and Samosir Island which is located slightly away from the capital of North Sumatra, more precisely in Prapat area. But if you are interested to know more about Samosir then you can read in one of our articles about Samosir Island. And read also about Lampuuk Beach that located in Aceh, as the neighbor of North Sumatra.(Capture Indonesia)


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