Best Attractions in Sumatra Indonesia

Sumatra Island – What and Where is Sumatra? Sumatra is one of the largest islands in Indonesia and the sixth largest island in the world with an area of about 473,481 km². The island is divided into ten provinces namely Aceh, North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Riau, Riau Archipelago, Jambi, Bengkulu, Lampung, South Sumatra, and Bangka Belitung. So if you are on vacation to Indonesia, do not forget to visit this island. Beside to enjoy their beautiful and gorgeous attractions, you can enjoy a delicious typical Sumatra coffee.

What the best reasons to vacation in Sumatra? Because there are so many points of interest of Indonesia that you can visit from the ten provinces of Sumatra. The natural beauty of Sumatra starting from lakes, mountains, beaches, and other modern tourist attractions. Here are ten best tourist attractions in Sumatra that you must visit if you are in Indonesia.

1. Lake Toba

Lake Toba - North Sumatra - Tourist Attractions in Sumatra

Lake Toba – North Sumatra – Credit:

Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia, with an area of 1,145 km² located in North Sumatra Province. Lake Toba is a volcanic lake formed because it was established by volcanic eruptions thousand years ago. In Lake Toba you can enjoy the calm and fresh atmosphere because of the cold air, you also can see the vast blue water of the lake, and you can also enjoy the green scenery of the pine forest around the lake.

If you are already in Lake Toba, do not miss to go to Samosir Island (an island in the middle of Lake Toba). On Samosir Island you will still find other tourist attractions such as the misty mountains, Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Tonang. Read more about this beautiful lake in Indonesia in Lake Toba article as one of the best attractions in Sumatra Indonesia.

2. Way Kambas National Park

Way Kambas National Park - Lampung - Tourist Attractions in Sumatra

Way Kambas National Park – Lampung – Credit:

There are many places and attractions in Lampung, one of the most interesting to visit is Way Kambas National Park. What is the interesting side of this Way Kambas National Park? This National Park is the oldest nature reserve in Indonesia established since 1985, and it is home and training place for Sumatran elephants (Elephas maximus sumatranensis). There are at least 200 elephants in Way Kambas trained and protected by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

These elephants are trained to perform activities such as transporting wood, plowing rice fields, even playing football and other entertainment performances. Beside the existence of elephants, Way Kambas National Park is also inhabited by Sumatran Rhinos (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis), Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae), Tapir (Tapirus indicus), Forest Dog (Cuon alpinus sumatrensis), Siamang (Hylobates syndactylus), 406 species of birds and various types of plants.


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3. Weh Island

Weh Island - Aceh

Weh Island – Aceh – Credit:

The island is located in the west and as the zero kilometers of Indonesia, Weh will provide many tourist attractions and a holiday atmosphere that you can not forget. On Weh Island, you can dive, enjoy the delicious food, enjoy a swing tied to two coconut trees, and other natural beauty of Weh Island. When you travel to Weh Island, you can also visit many tourist attractions there such as Sabang City, Iboih Beach, Gapang Beach, Anom Itam Beach, Zero Kilometer Monument, Sumur Tiga Beach, Jaboi Volcano and Rubiah Marine Park. This island is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.


4. Samosir Island

Samosir Island - North Sumatra - Tourist Attractions in Sumatra

Samosir Island – North Sumatra – Credit:

The scenic beauty of Samosir Island, North Sumatra will sedate you for a moment. Why not? A beautiful volcanic island lies in the middle of Lake Toba, which is also the largest lake in Southeast Asia. You will find cold and fresh air during your stay in this North Sumatra tourist attractions. Samosir itself is one of the regencies in North Sumatra Province. Your adventure in Samosir Sumatera will be tinged with distinctive ripples from each sub-district with each magnet. For domestic nature lovers, the name of Samosir Island must be familiar. Read more information about this island in Samosir Island article.

5. Lampuuk Beach

Lampuuk Beach - Aceh - Tourist Attractions in Sumatra

Lampuuk Beach – Aceh – Credit:

Lampuuk Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Aceh and is always jammed with guests, both from Banda Aceh, Meulaboh, or other areas in Aceh. With white sand and shady pine trees, it is an ideal place to relieve fatigue. Lots of activities you can do on this beach, like swimming, surfing, and exercising on the beach. But, you have to remember, there are some regulations that prohibit the guests of using bikinis and similar clothing. Because Aceh is the largest Muslim populations and a Sharia area in Indonesia. Even so, this beach is visited by many tourists from outside Aceh such as tourists from North Sumatra and even foreign tourists. Read more information about this Aceh beach on Lampuuk Beach article.

6. Lake Maninjau

Lake Maninjau - West Sumatra - Tourist Attractions in Sumatra

Lake Maninjau – West Sumatra – Credit:

The natural beauty of West Sumatra is complete in Minangkabau land. From the lovely beaches, fantastic canyon and valleys, the natural contours of mountains or hills and the stunning beauty of the lakes that should you not miss if you are in West Sumatra. Undoubtedly, one of the lakes in West Sumatra that holds an alluring natural panorama is Lake Maninjau.

Lake Maninjau is a volcanic lake located right in the heart of Agam District, West Sumatra. This lake situated at an altitude of more than 460 meters above sea level, the lake stretches 100 km square with an average depth of 105 meters. With its breadth, Maninjau becomes the eleventh largest lake in Indonesia.


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7. Gunung Leuser National Park

Gunung Leuser National Park - Aceh - Tourist Attractions in Sumatra

Gunung Leuser National Park – Aceh – Credit:

Gunung Leuser National Park is one of Nature Conservation Area in Indonesia which has an area of about 1,094,692 hectares. Administratively this forest is located in two provinces, Aceh and North Sumatra. This forest is dominant in East Aceh, South Aceh, and Langkat Sumatera Utara, known as world-class coffee and tobacco. Gunung Leuser National Park an extensive area that covering with mangrove forests, swamp forests, rainforests, moss forests, and subalpine forests.

Gunung Leuser National Park and its surrounding area are known as the Leuser Ecosystem Area which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are approximately 130 varieties can be identified in Gunung Leuser National Park, namely the Sumatran tiger, elephant, rhino, gibbon, monkey, leopard, reptile, fish, and also 325 species of birds. Last year Leonardo DiCaprio visited this national park as his support for the existence of Sumatran elephant.

8. Mount Kerinci

Mount Kerinci - Jambi - Tourist Attractions in Sumatra

Mount Kerinci – Jambi – Credit:

Mount Kerinci is a Sumatra volcano in Indonesia with an altitude of 3805 meters above sea level which is also the highest volcano in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The active volcano is located in the border area of West Sumatra and Jambi. This mountain has various nicknames such as Mount Gadang, Korinci, Berinci Kurinci, and Puncak Indrapura. The mountain is included as Strato Vulcano type and administratively located in the area of Kerinci Seblat National Park. This volcano last erupted in 2009.

The location of Mount Kerinci is quite easy to find, where its position is in Kersik Tuo Village, Kayu Aro Subdistrict, Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province. To get to this location is also quite easy, from downtown directly to the village of Kersik Tuo. And the journey will take approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.


9. Mount Sibayak

Mount Sibayak - North Sumatra - Tourist Attractions in Sumatra

Mount Sibayak – North Sumatra – Credit:

Mount Sibayak is located in the Karo highlands, Karo District, North Sumatra. Mount Sibayak is an active volcano that has hot steam. Also, the eruption that occurred some time ago is enough to shake the rocks at the top of the mountain. The condition is quite “irregular” at the top of this cliff, but this situation makes Sibayak becomes a uniqueness that attracts tourists who love to experiment their adrenaline and try to defeat Mount Sibayak to reach its summit.

The sunrise from the mountain summit will make you amazed. The luster of the sun will hit your face and give you a warm atmosphere, replacing the cold that overnight enveloped your journey. In addition to the beauty of the peak scenery, the flow of water from the sidelines of mountain rocks will significantly refresh you. Many residents use it as a spring of drinking water. The water is cold and very clear.


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10. Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall - North Sumatra - Tourist Attractions in Sumatra

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall – North Sumatra – Credit:

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall is one of the best tourist attractions in Sumatra Island. Located in Karo District, North Sumatra, which is not so far from the settlement of Tongging Village residents. This waterfall is located in the hills at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level and surrounded by the pine forests. A management of the natural attractions waterfall is held by the District Government of Karo. With a height of about 120 meters, Sipiso-Piso Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia. With this waterfall, Karo District became one of the most popular tourist attractions by domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

That’s the end of the best tourist attractions in Sumatra list and don’t forget to visit these attractions when you go to Sumatra Island.